Sign-up for the Overbridge 2.0 closed beta


Sign-up for the Overbridge 2.0 closed beta

Today we’re delighted to invite you to sign up for the closed beta of Overbridge 2.0.

To be eligible to take part, we assume you have basic knowledge of your Elektron units, DAW, and computer.

Selection is a manual process and not all applicants will be accepted at this time. The selection will be done in stages and depends on what part of Overbridge we are currently testing.

To apply fill in this form

Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]
Beta testing?
7 × OS Update



Not going to sign up to beta test, but hell yeah. This is great.


Signed up really hope I get on the list. They must be close to releasing. I have a lot of external gear I sequence with the Digitakt and I use several daws with a high powered computer and 4k display. Fingers crossed!


Big news!


Great news! Wasn’t expecting anything before Tuesday ^^
Just applied by signing up.



Right on my birthday, perfect :slight_smile:


Saw the email! I’m all signed up! Pick the weirdo woodwind player!!!




Hot diggity!


Gimme file xfer for rytm mk I and I’ll sign anything! :wink:


Analog Rytm MKI OS 1.45

Analog Rytm MKI OS 1.45 adds the Dual VCO machine, other improvements, bug fixes, and support for Overbridge 2.0 USB Audio Driver BETA and the Transfer App.




Woo! Yay for beta testing.


Happy Birthday!


I put my submission in near immediately.

I feel like this is like a chance to tour Willy Wonka’s factory <3


oh wow there’s finally a light at the end of the very very long dark tunnel. thank you Elektron.


Happy birthday :fireworks:
Though you are probably playing cheap trick to get the beta. :slight_smile:


I’m turning 47, those days are long gone I fear :slight_smile:

Long live the age of dadbod!