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What’s that tube mixer thing?

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It´s a custom built tube mixer (thing) by Verde Audio with tube modulators for tracks 5&6. It also has a master compressor and EQ. I had it made initially for Ciat-Lonbarde stuff but lately it has been there for re-amping and all kinds of processing since it has cv ins for the tube modulators, fx sends with panning for the returns and because it just makes everything sound so much better.


Sounds amazing and fun!

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I’ll leave mine again here, not that anything has changed, but that’s the point:)


I like that there’s no computer.

why are the OT and MnM separate? were they bad and now they’re in time out?


Those 2 by themselves are enough to create something amazing…

They´ve been very, very naughty but that´s not the reason for them being separated. As I´m relatively new to Elektron stuff it feels more productive to have 2 smaller setups. The A4 and AR go so well together bc of the form factor and cv ins and outs. Also the MNM and OT work extremely well together, OT being able to add trig conditions to MNM. It´s confusing to me to have more than 2 of these boxes on at once. I do use a MBP to record stuff but I tend to keep it mostly out of sight when making music and recording and just slide the analogs towards the back end of the table and put the laptop there when mixing.


i have it the same 2 setups, the analogs together…
and octatrack & digitakt/tone together, i can combine them but prefer to use them this way

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Here is my mobile Setup. I took me 2 Years to optimize it. Now I am pretty happy with it.


I made it completely from repurposed materials. The rack “ears” are old headers from LED tile rigging. I grabbed some M3 screws from the hardware store measured the elektron spacing and drilled some holes.

The carbon fiber right angles is a square that I cut in half to make the two L shapes. It is from the frame of an old win vision led tile, super light and strong.
I tapped the ends and bolted everything together.
Here’s a few more pics


Excellent. I’ve been trying to stay away from wood in my builds. Carbon fiber FTW!

Agreed! Was going to weld it completely from the steel stock like the ears but my welder was out of gas ( I left the valve open for two weeks lol). Had to find another option and carbon fiber was in stock

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Very cool. I love the apparent design philosophy. I think I need to go build some stuff now.

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Nice. Interesting how you mounted the Waldorf. Could you share another angle to show how it connects?

Thanks! I’m digging it so far.
I’ll have to take a picture of the back if that is what you want to see… but here is another angle I have handy…


Very cool. Thanks, Gino.
Yes, definitely curious how it’s attached.

Not sure if you realise but the Iridium has a VESA mount on the underside (as the AH/DT/DN do) so you can use TV/monitor mounting brackets.

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It uses a standard VESA mount, like on the Digitwins and LCD monitors.

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