Your most beautiful instrument




I just put this together, and kinda like the way it turned out. It’s mostly to test some new circuits out, but it’ll be useful as a fun little mono-synth when I’m done. I’d say my Prophet Rev2 is a pretty beautiful instrument as well, and I just picked up a MachineDrum Mk2 that’s pretty stunning. Anyway here’s a pic of what I’m working on:


My American Tele I just got a few months ago… Plays and sounds like a dream. I put a cream pickguard on though it’s hard to tell in the picture. Plus the strap is gorgeous too.



I have the same! So easy to play!


I really like this thread dont have a focus on vintage synths, but we see some really odd and beautiful pieces here.



I disagree… anything can have aesthetic beauty.


YAMAHA Reface CS cheep but beautiful gear!


Oooh man a Bechstein… how does it play and sound? This is like a dream to me…


I inherited it form my mother. Nerver played a more comfortable keyboard like this one. The keyboard machanism is excellent. You don’t have to strike it hard to play loud and it’s very sensitive. The keys are made out of ivory, so your fingers do not sweat like on plastic keys. It’s a slightly differnt feeling. And the sound is amazing, especially when you press the sustain pedal and the whole thing comes to live. It really is a dream! :slight_smile:




My new Quantum in the dark at first boot the other day… Inspiring in every way :heart_eyes:


Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier every year…


But does it have conditional trigs?


Yes I love robots and curry



The whole corner is kind of an instrument, but my '68 Telecaster is the most beautiful part.


It’s not mine but I wanted one for years, still want it especially the V1 version as it was 2 analog vco and 1 digital! Saw only once a V1 Vostok for 1500euros but it was rapidly sold.


Oh wow, you really got some ultra nice and simple setup there on the table alone!