Your most beautiful instrument


This and the Monostation are be FAR my favorite looking music machines. I really can’t stop staring at them. They look so sci-fi.


Oberheim 2 Voice Pro looks sexy AF. Don’t own it though.



Sexy cables.


The GRP A8.


No, I don’t own either.


Awesome picture.



First I wanted to post a picture of my JD-800 but then this beauty came into my mind which unfortunately doesn‘t fit into my studio but into the livingroom… :wink:


Just got this beauty on Saturday. Words cannot describe how amazing it is. Playing it for 5 hours on that day was a spiritual experience.

It is a cure for almost all synth GAS.


Are those glow in the dark bananas? Where did you get those? I NEED them for my Phenol.


Technically not “my” instrument but it´s my workplace. Built in 1908 and still running with all original parts.



They are not in production anymore but you can check if somebody has them still in stock.


flip it for a moog one


Also not an Instrument per se, but this beauty adds so much musicality and depth to the input
(since a week here - drove thru half germany for this H3000 D/SE)

Dry Modor signal fading into a ducking delay from the H3000 D/SE. slowly manually increasing the delay tune modulation.


Yeah but can it do acid bass lines though?


My rabeca, although I don’t play it anymore and would swap it for an A4 or OT :wink:


Drool. Every time I see a Phenol I feel like I need one in my life. Do you have anything recorded?


you’re saying if I GAS for this it will fix me?!



This one cures the minimoog gas too, soundwise.