Your most beautiful instrument


Thanks - I have a little modular bass voice going on, and I have the mixer routed so I can sample whatever is happening. There’s also a digital piano out of the frame I use for nice chord samples or as a midi module - the Digitakt can wreak havoc playing the piano via midi. The Begonia helps with tone.


What’s the amp and how do you run it with out a cab?
I’m looking for a compact solution to track guitar into ir’s .


That amp is a Yamaha THR5. It’s a little practice amp; it has built in speakers. It also glows orange for that old timey vibe. While it is a fabulous amp on it’s own, it lacks a mono line out - it only has a headphone out. So I run it as a stereo channel into the mixer.


Loads of Pittsburgh…nice

I have a system 90…that you cant see under a rainbow of spaghetti…

Question hows the stability of your oscs?
Is it my power supply or are yours drifty as?


My Audiophile Circuits League System-1 is pretty beautiful :yum:


I think I bought the last showroom APB Dynasonics Prorack House analog mixer in the world. It wasn’t easy to track down.


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Made this with a friend I made making this.


Nice work. Well tuned? And what scale?
I had one first generation Panart Hang Aeolian D, but it became out of tune.


I didn’t know i needed this. hahaha. seems to have great routing options


interesting sentence…im still trying to decipher it. :wink:


I sat here trying to come up with some witty interpretation, but then it started bothering me, to try and figure out what he actually means, and the only logical conclusion I can come up with is that he made this with a friend he made making this.


I think he means he made it with someone…& they became friends while making it :slight_smile: I think :thinking:


I figured he started making it, had a child, and it took so long that the kid was eventually helping him him finish it.


It’s so obvious now



Thanks! That’s awesome! The OG.

This is a C# aeolian like the Sam Maher Subway video. This was my 2nd attempt and luckily I befriended a kind steel pan tuner who is showing me the ropes. I shaped and he tuned this, but my tonefields didn’t have enough space from the ding so ding isn’t as resonant, but it’s an amazing feat nonetheless cause I was ready to throw in the towel and thougjt it was untunable. Justin Perkins of Sacred Rhythm Hanpans is a master tuner and he made it happen.


hahaha this is it!


Madrona’s Soundplane is the most beautiful and inviting instrument I have, mostly because it could be mistaken for a timeless classical instrument.



I’ve been interested in these for a long time. I have Aalto and love it.