Your most beautiful instrument


So if you picked your favourite on appearance and texture only, what’d it be?

I’d go for the Sub37. Those warm, soft lights, the panel and woodwork, and just the way it glows in the dark, is craftsmanship at its peak.

A runner-up would be the Mother 32, so I guess I’m biased towards Ashville.

What about the rest of you?


Probably the OP1. It’s like an artefact from a future civilisation.



It looks like a badass cyberpunk machine.


Dig the way my Dom1 looks. Has a vintage synth/mixing desk kind of vibe and slightly reminiscent of tascam 388 which I sold but miss having around the room. And Op1 obvs. Tho can’t help feeling there’s something ‘cheap’ about it lately.


hands down my shbobo shnth


Sub37 for it’s sheer beauty - I’d put one on display in my living room, if my wife let me
OP-1 because it’s unlike anything else
Octatrack, because it’s the only contemporary instrument I can think of that has the potential to be a future classic in the same league as 303/808/909


My Guild Startfire IV.




Haken Continuum Fingerboard. It’s just beautiful with its simple, reserved red on black scheme. It looks beautiful next to my Elektrons.


Beauty, texture, and sound … well, it would be either my harp or my irish flute :smiley: .
Both beautiful made from wood and having beautiful sound too.


Hell’s Kitchen, NYC
I took this photo 15 years ago, on January 19, 2002
Still beautiful



My AR, especially when I turn it on and it cycles through the colors. Good times about to come.

I wish they would make the default page flash random colors. It could be another feature: “Light Show Probability”


My wife’s vocal cords :slight_smile:


PICS! :wink:




You just shut this thread down, pal !


I used to have a Korg Oasys. And I could happily sit at it and just look it over. It was my most favourite bit of gear ever.




what is this? I wanted to see vocal chords!! :joy::wink:


Oops! My bad.