Your digitakt setup

I was watching your setup and I noticed you have a Zoom MS CDR.
I’m planning to get one of those for my minibrute 2s. So I ask you:

What about the sound quality, FX chains, controls and pedal’s overall quality?

I would say that the Zoom is a great placeholder for better gear. :slight_smile:

It has been very helpful to figure out what I really need in my workflow. I mainly the Zoom for a reverb, a compressor, or a filter/EQ.

Chains are easy to setup and modify. I have no problem adjusting parameters… the 3 dials are pushable and you use that to scroll to the next set of 3 parameters. Very intuitive. Forget about using 6 devices in the chain, though. I always use 1-2 devices. You lose too much resolution if you use more.

There are some very usable reverbs, compressors, and filters/EQs. But the delays, choruses, and extreme effects (Shimmer, Space, etc.) are not useful because the resolution is too low. The copies of famous pedals don’t sound like the real deal at all, for example the “CarbonDly” is not at all like MXR Carbon Copy.

Two specific oddities to be aware of: First, there is no universal bypass button. That button on the device is the bypass for whichever device in the chain is selected. They offer a way to fake a bypass where you add an effect to the start of your chain called “LineSel”. Select this device and then the bypass button functions virtually as a Universal bypass for the entire chain. Second odd thing is that there is no clear way to turn the device on/off. I unplug in the power adaptor!

Hope this is helpful. Good luck in your decision, and let me know what you end up doing!



THANKS for all this info, I will keep on searching for the right FX unit for my synth.
I don’t know yet if this Zoom will be the final choice, but I’ll let you know. Those two oddities and the resolution loss now got me thinking :sweat:

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Hey I see you are using a dt and a qy70. Do you use the dt tracks to run the qy70?
I’m thinking of buying a qy70 and using most of the dt’s midi tracks to control it. I’d also use the qy70 on the go.
Do you think I would enjoy using it?
Thanks for your time

My first post here :slight_smile:

Digitakt just came in today. I’ve been using a TR-8 and Electribe 2 Sampler, and this will be replacing them. I am absolutely loving it so far after spending spending a few hours with it.

I’ve got the Volca Keys and a Bass Station 2, but I think I will be getting rid of them in order to make room for a Digitone. I’m loving the idea of keeping everything inside those two boxes.


mmmm…id hold on to the bass station…that thing kicks ass. its got a vibe!

Of all the gear I own, this one is the most difficult to part with. I might hold onto it.

Keystep sends clock and Midi Channel 14.
Everything else gets MIDI from Digitakt except the Electribe (which is still around because nothing else does Diatonic chords in the key of x as well as the E2)

I have the audio inputs of the Digitakt run from the master out of the Mixer so I can take any channel and route it to the master (1 button push) and sample it.

Patch panel includes all equipment including inputs for the effects module, and minilogue BSII Audio ins

Hidden in the wood rack is a Roland D-110 for real instrument sounds

The laptop dock in the picture is audio and midi clock in only, trying to record in ableton without clock in is too hard.

Digitakt has been a game changer for the 3 weeks I’ve owned it.
It does everything I wanted (unquantized MIDI record) better than I expected plus a jillion things I didn’t know i wanted.



I think the ability to remove other synths from their rigid on grid note placement is one of the best things about the Digitakt, it made my jd xi usefull again, so annoying having notes that land just a little short/long of where they should be, sounds so wooden. Microtiming has been a great addition to my set up and one I couldnt work without now.


and the best implementation I’ve seen (for me) is the way Digitakt allow my to play something crappy, then dial in the level of Quantization while playing it back.


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Ooh! I’ve got the same setup!

  • A load of other stuff but the Micron and DT are my ‘Portable’ setup.

Nice one…



I wish I had a bigger desk but I’m making it work, I’ve got a mixer hidden behind the Digies.


I have really fond memories of the Micron!

That might have been the first synth I ever touched





Yeah I enjoy the combo a lot. I don’t have the take anymore but I pair the qy70 with my Digitone for some rompler piano and drums and they go really well together.


the midi sequencing on the DT is bomb

Often feel overwhelmed by a ‘big’ setup so this kind of thing is fun sometimes. Might grab a new PSU. Overbridge is definitely helping reduce cable pain!