Your digitakt setup

I’m loving my digitakt. I also love trying to reduce my setup to the absolute minimum (it’s an OCD thing). So, what would you consider to be the minimum amount of equipment that wouldn’t limit your ability to make a full track? I’m currently thinking a DT, an iPad (to feed the DT) and then an analog heat to stick on the DT output. Thoughts? How are you incorporating the DT into your setup?


virus TI
12U eurorack


That seems a little light on.
I think you need a hardware synth :wink:


I’m goin DT & tt303 & mobile phone as sample source + lots of pedals &analogue desk for saturation. thats it for the moment.

Im gonna wait n see how DT performs as a synth before adding anything else. might add a monologue or 0-coast / pittsburgh semi modular or something in due course :slight_smile:

I used to have loads more gear (tempest, MD, A4, minilogue, mother 32) but sold em all over the past while. looking forward to a really streamlined setup.

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Mine will be Minilogue for patches to sample and midi sequencing, DT (when it arrives) and either a mopho or minitaur, whatever I can find cheap. Space is at a premium!

Ideally I’d add a Mother 32 and 0-coast but that’s going to have to wait a while.


At first, just the DigiTakt.

A Reface CS is lurking in the corner, with a Volca Sample and a Moog Sub37.

But we’ll see.


My decluttered dream team setup is DT & A4. I sold a lot of my other stuff to arrive at this and think that it leaves me with nearly every possibility, it has a small footprint and doesn´t leave me feeling overwhelmed by to much choice.
DT & an iPad are a great minimalist combo too. But don´t get lost in the iPad App world :wink:
For the finishing sonic touch the analog heat seems to be a great tool (thinking about one for exactly that purpose), but tape might do the job quite well too. Just to ad a little compression, enhancement, glue etc…
I think all you need is a DT and some form of versatile sound source.

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DT + Nord Drum2
I think it can works.


Bass VI
Various stereo pedal effects

All into the mixer with an assignable aux stereo out back to the Digitakt for sampling any of the instruments. My set up includes two bodies playing so there is some overlap… but that will be the “full band” and all equipment used for the first ep/album.

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I want to try two different setups when mine arrives.


Analog Rytm
Analog Keys


Digitakt. Just the Digitakt. That’s the minimum to make a track if you actually want to be OCD about it, which I relate to.

Loosening up a bit, add something else. In my case, a Nord Modular Keys. But if I wanted to play live, I’d transfer my patches to the Nord Micro Modular and take that instead. That, or the Nord Rack.


Once some parts are sampled I can easily see playing a solo show with just the Digitakt + Keyboard. Mostly using the keyboard for “performance.” The 8 tracks on the Digitakt are more than enough to get out some darkwave/industrial tunes that feel complete.

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Sony Pcm 50


A DT/AH size digital poly would fit so well…

Also, this thread would be so much better with some pics!


This sounds perfect!

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Distinct lack of digitakts in that thread so far…


Going to run my DT ins to aux 5/6 on my mixer so I can sample things from my other instruments (modular, MD, Minilogue) on the fly. DT will probably be fed directly to a pair of channels on my Zoom R16.

One of the little GAS debates I’ll be having with myself over the next few months is whether it’ll make sense to add a dedicated compressor for processing the DT before it hits the recorder. Looking forward to testing how DT>DECO sounds; could be an interesting alternative to a compressor.

poo poo pee pee

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I’d hold off on a compressor for the Digitakt till it’s a confirmed no from Elektron. It seems likely to be an early addition to the machine. Also. Let me know how the DECO works. I’ve been on the fence since it released with buying one. But I’m thinking it would work well with the DT providing all the tape saturation/flange/delay needed for drums… And in a different flavour than what Elektron provides in the box.

DIGITAKT fed samples by OP-1, Organelle and 0-Coast.
DT slaving AK for song arrangement