Your digitakt setup

hey! I have the same setup (digitakt, launch control xl, iconnectMIDI4+) im planning on using these together dawless. im fairly new to setting up these devices with the midi4+ with cc values, routing and all that. could you let me know how you set yours up? pictures of iconfig setup and where you pluged what in?

would be very thankful for any advice!

I still use a mk i of the nord stage 88 as my main controller… absolutely love the keybed!

I’ve thought of upgrading from a 1 to a 3 but couldn’t get anyone to buy my 1 on ebay even for $1000! So considering the price of the 3, that would be insane…

Hey! My settings for Launch Control XL. If you want to use other parameters, take a look in manual page 72.

  1. Connect Digitakt and LC XL to USB Host
  2. iConfig/MIDI info:
  3. iConfig/MIDI port routing:

Awesome! Very helpful, I’m going to set this up with your parameters to see if I can get it working then I’ll play around making my own setup. As far as the midi cable routing, what did you plug in to and from the digitakt to iconnectivity box?


No MIDI cables needed, because in this method all MIDI data is send via USB. If you want use MIDI cable instead of USB, then use of the iConnectMIDI4 MIDI OUT and connect to Digitakt MIDI IN. On iConfig example:

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Well, I figured out a crucial piece to my setup regarding the Digitakt. Using the chain playback to link all 16 patterns in a bank and record the whole chain as a single pattern. So now I can record my synth parts the way I want and aside from the overbridge for win7 drivers if they’ll do that I’m set! Just one poly synth maybe by the end of the year and my kit is complete.

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This is my setup so far: digitakt into my pc via USB, and a makeshift tripod using cardboard boxes, a wooden stick and a hammer to counterweight the phone I strap on at the end with a rubber band.


nice setup. i’d get a decksaver for the hammer though.


I think you should replace the flowering plant with a head of broccoli


Thank you! Recording videos with the hammer-and-stick tripod is thrilling :slight_smile:

lol i just realized how dusty my desk is

digitakt > overbridge > ableton, mother is line in thru my old ass MOTU interface

Ghetto engineering skills confirmed.


Thought that was a vampire killer starter kit.


DT and two MC202’s has been a real pleasure so far

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Do the 202s have CV mod?

Hello everybody! I am really new in this world and I got these stuff first of all. What do you think my mini-minimal setup? How can I use them more efficient? Also what do you suggest me as second synthesizer? Thanks!!

-Moog Subsequent37
-Elektron Digitakt
-Behringer XENYX Q802USB


Something polyphonic, e. g. Deepmind or Digitone

Can I run 2 different sound at the same time from Moog to Digitakt? I mean for example, I add a melody to the beat, and I want to add Pad sound. Can I do both sound and play on Digitakt on same time?

The Sub37 is a mono synth, but paraphonic i.e. it can play two notes, but only two notes of the same preset. You can play anything from the DT at the same time as the Sub37. Are you sending midi signals from the DT to Sub37?

The midi cable goes from DT Midi out to Subsequent37 Midi in. I can control the Sub37 from DT. I choose Channel 9 on Sub37 and DT. This works well. My question; Can I have multi-tracks with only 1 channel (with moog)? My purpose is create drum sounds with DT and add other sounds (pad, bass etc.) with Moog. Can I do that? Or I need more equipment to add more tracks? Btw sorry my english. I hope I can explain it well.