Your digitakt setup


I can appreciate the idea of minimalism but the Heat seems like overkill. If you want analog vibe, use an analog filter of your choice, you can get just a filter for about 150.00 Moog, or even as low or lower with the MS-20/10 filters on the korg monotron/delay boxs. I enjoy the added brute factor of the Minibrute’s multi-mode filter, and got the whole synth for 150.00 or less w/out a keybed. You want that lofi-dirt, just get a dual casette deck and duplicate a copy of a copy etc until your satisfied. For 700.00? Ugh whatever makes you happy, but wow that is a high price for happiness for some analog filter effects module.

My setup? I guess you could say for needs in hardware for my approach are complete with the Digitakt as the advertised “Brain/Heart” of my setup. 4-note poly output on 8 tracks of midi over my Nord2 rack, I can use 4 channels to the 4 layers available on the nord maxing/matching the 4 notes available from the nord. The Minibrute covers analog duties, I run the nord through it’s input/filter, get an additional lfo, and brute factor. 4 channel mixer w/ effect channel, korg kaospad 2 mini for effects.

I still retain a volca beats my wife bought me when I first started learning synthesis. And as a way to tidy up the cord mess I fashioned a magazine rack style 3 tier shelve on my desktop that everything fits on leaving room for my computer keyboard, mouse, and 49 key midi keyboard to sit on the desktop. And the desk had a second set of shelving allowing my monitor to sit at the top right and my monitors are stacked on the lower shelf and the puter sits underneath. I don’t know if or how to upload a pic?


Bottom left of the box you type in (on mobile at least)


A1>DT>DN. sadly though, the DT sums its inputs to mono whether its sampling, or playing through. the DN however, you can pan your inputs to maintain stereo


Sometimes people are not playing in their homes, and then something like the Heat is really good because you don’t have to drag your setup of monotrons and dual casette decks and whatnot along with you. But I agree that the price is a bit steep, at least for my taste.


never sell gear is my mantra


Sure if you need/want get it. I just don’t know if 1 of those suggested filters would suffice and the cassette decks were just for recording, don’t think the heat dubs tape grit and tone does it?

But to each their own just like me thinking the moog one would be a reasonable price to get into poly analog. Weird but I know that guy is out there like if your buying a car why jump in before you get a lambo. Do YOUR thing. peace.