Your digitakt setup


Bottom left of the box you type in (on mobile at least)


A1>DT>DN. sadly though, the DT sums its inputs to mono whether its sampling, or playing through. the DN however, you can pan your inputs to maintain stereo


Sometimes people are not playing in their homes, and then something like the Heat is really good because you don’t have to drag your setup of monotrons and dual casette decks and whatnot along with you. But I agree that the price is a bit steep, at least for my taste.


never sell gear is my mantra


Sure if you need/want get it. I just don’t know if 1 of those suggested filters would suffice and the cassette decks were just for recording, don’t think the heat dubs tape grit and tone does it?

But to each their own just like me thinking the moog one would be a reasonable price to get into poly analog. Weird but I know that guy is out there like if your buying a car why jump in before you get a lambo. Do YOUR thing. peace.


I just bought a Kaoss Mini 2s to pair with Digitakt, mainly to use the looping fx. But I’m unhappy by using stereo minijacks for connectivity. Was thinking to return the mini and buy a KP3+ instead.

Do you use the korg for looping? I have a lot to learn! Seems like loop length is based on the BPM? Would love to hear about any tips or techniques.


When I am out of town or relaxing at the cabin, this is my go to minimal setup for the Digitakt.


I want a cabin :cry:


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Should have phrased that better, my parent’s cabin. I would like my own cabin as well.


I want my parents to have a cabin :cry:


Your parents should get a cabin that you can use, and invite us all over to. :smiley:


Just got mine today



KP3 is a good machine, I do use it for looping my minilogue and for some effects here and there. Sound quality of the looping is not the best tho.

Indeed, the loop lenght depends on the BPM: Let’s say we have 100bpm, in that case you can record 16 steps. Then, if you take that halfway to 50bpm you’ll only be able to record 8 steps. The sample capability in seconds it’s around 10 - 12 secs, I believe.

I still use it despite this lenght limitation, since I can record tiny details and variations on the kaosspad and then when those are looped I can play a longer part using the digitakt as a looper for any of the two synths, recording them in real time on a MIDI channel so I can edit on the fly too.

Another good thing is to be able to destroy various layers of looped parts on the KP3 via FX and resampling, creating a new part and freeing sampling slots… And a non destructive way to do this is to use the pad automation recording wich you can always turn off and back on, very nice function.

If you want to loop more channels, longer sample lenght, time signatures etc, I recommend you to check the BOSS RC-505. I have one now and it’s way better than a KP3 for looping, almost twice the price tho.


That’s great information. The key feature for me is simplicity and ease of use. I’m in the process of figuring out 5 to 10 uses for the Kaoss Mini Pad 2s where simplicity and ease of use is paramount. So far I like these Fx the most:

  • 72db Lo Pass Filter
  • Isolater Filter
  • Break Reverb
  • Echo Break
  • Looper & Flanger
  • Unison Square Bass Synth

The problems are quite severe, though. I hope I can work through them:

  • Random freezes
  • Poor sound quality
  • Mini jack seems a bit loose and can cause loud pops
  • Needs a compressor quite badly. Output volume varies too much and synths are too loud

I do like the way that the Korg “destroys” a beat. I also use an OTO biscuit for that, which is totally awesome.

I suppose I’ll try to make this work for awhile, and if it doesn’t then then I might explore the Boss RC-202… Cheers!


Digitakt > OTO biscuit > Korg Kaoss Mini 2s > Zoom MS-70CDR

And a Nord Stage 3. :slight_smile:

So excited for the Digitakt to be my soundcard!



if i’m performing, i typically send the output from my mininova (or any other external instrument) though my digitakt & into the a4, and record from the a4’s outputs.

if i’m sampling, i tend to send whatever it is that i am sampling from through the a4’s analog signal path, process it a bit, and then sample the output into the digitakt.

i also tend to rearrange my signal chains several times each session, since for me building a track is usually an alternation between sampling and constructing the performance.

and sometimes i play just the digitakt exclusively. it can be refreshing to focus on just a single magic box instead of several ;3


How do you do that?


on the digitakt? send it through the audio inputs and turn on monitoring (set “mon” to yes in the bottom right corner of the screen when you are in the sampling menu).

it converts it down to mono but works well enough for live performances :3