Your digitakt setup


Hello Elektronauts! - this is what I have paired my Digitakt with. Calling this system “Digirack” not only because of Digitakt, but also because of few digital modules in my current Eurorack setup (Shuttle Control, Klavis Twin Waves and 2 x Pico DSP), so best of two worlds - analog and digital.
Digitakt being the brain of the setup, while Shuttle Control - central nervous system.

What are digital Eurorack modules you like the most, of those who has also combination of Eurorack and DT?


I had the opposite problem. By default, the Digitakt was sending a bunch of CC messages which made my Microkorg do things I didn’t want it to. But I got those turned off and now everything is better. :slight_smile:


Gig rig in a big pedalboard case, no need to pack up/down each time anymore :slight_smile:


I am late to the party and got a digitakt today! I will prepare my upcoming live gigs with the Analog Rytm and Digitakt only and plug them into the mixer that is already in the DJ booth. Looking forward to light travel and no hassle with my laptop, interface, controller etc. Im am still missing an “input machine” to plug my modular system in and use the internal FX from the AR or DT. But I guess that will never happen as Elektron secretly works on the “digimix”.
Still don´t get all the fuss about Overbridge, the Digitakt works perfectly for me as it is. The new transfer app is FANTASTIC and the way Digitakt handles samples in general is much more accessible than with the Analog Rytm. I am now sampling a lot of my other synths to create patterns on the DT.


That is a great looking mantis :heart_eyes:


Digitakt and Pinekone. A match made in heaven.



Looks good!

What keyboard stand is that?


DT - A4 MKI - IPad mixing into AUM, with sugar bytes wow2 adding some mayhem. Roland Duo as a 2i2 interface for iPad.

Waiting for my Lyra-8… on its way from mother Russia!

Should be good, just have to stay away from YouTube and make some “music.”



It’s a 90’s printer stand called the MediaMate. Was found in a free pile on the side of the road : )


Haha that’s awesome.


Indeed it is!
Picked it up on the Angeles Crest Highway - best biking road I’ve ever been on :slight_smile:


that evolver keys is so sexy!!!


Beauty and beast with this one. It’s such an incredible synth. I only wish it was the poly version


I just had these delivered on Friday so just getting everything setup over the weekend. Hopefully some nice jams coming soon. Only had a few hours play on each unit so far but love these Electron machines.

Got this stand for my units too they’re solid and look great, there’s 45 and 20 degree angled stands, I got the 20 degree one.



Waldorf Pulse 2 Desktop
Waldorf Blofeld Desktop
Squarp Pyramid
Akai 225 MPK
iconnectivity MIDI 4+
GFI Specular Tempus
Phonic 1822 Mixer

Sounds more than it is, good setup for some nice techno, mostly acid type… but also very versatile for other electronic music…


I’m not sure if videos work in this thread instead of pictures, but I made a song and a video showing how I incorporate a Digitakt into my setup.

Despite what youtube picked as the thumbnail, no actual kittens were harmed in the making of this video.


Where did that stand cone from?




Yeah that’s the place, very friendly guy I had mine ordered and delivered within 4 days