Your digitakt setup


Digitakt, Behringer Model D, DSI Pro 2.

Simple but effective. :grinning:


DT + Virus keys is a great setup. They go very well together - my setup link is below. Think of it however you like: Like a DT with keys, and much improved synth engine and dedicated realtime controls; or as a Virus with a sampler and Electrons sequencer.


Similar to what I’ve settled on for the time being. I’ve got mine paired with the Rev2 though instead of the P-2, and one of my 4U modular boats instead of the Model D.



Yeah I dig the Pro 2 and Boog combo because the Pro 2’s 4 cv outs is the perfect amount to modulate the Boog’s cv inputs. And the Digitakt’s midi Tracks (for CC sequencing) I find are good additions to the Pro 2’s internal sequencer.


The Elektron covers wouldn’t fit with this stand. A reason I wouldn’t buy it.


after a roof collapse and unrelated RYTM issues that are being sorted, here’s where i’m at


Those are the best monitor stands I’ve ever seen.


I hope the magnets don’t wipe the por… I mean tapes! :joy:


I had visions of you literally blowing the roof off with the Rytm at first!


Mine is becoming increasingly less portable:

Analog Four
Octatrack II
Eurorack with 3 oscillator AJH system + Maths + Clouds
Arturia Matrixbrute
Korg Prophecy
DSI Prophet Rev 2
Moog Sub 37


smooth vibes, very nice.


Here’s my little setup right now:


Behringer Model D
Novation UltraNova
Yamaha Reface CP
Technics SL1200MK2 & vinyl




The A1R is a powerhouse.


Elektron Digitakt > Arturia Minibrute 2S > Korg Minilogue + Kaosspad 3

Digitakt’s 8 audio tracks & 4 midi seq tracks for each synth + 4 Kaosspad looper layers for the Minilogue

Variations on the Minibrute are made via it’s sequencer. Minilogue is mostly being played and looped.

I also have an Alesis Sample Pad Pro for playing/recording real time variations on the digitakt via midi.


I ended up getting a Mackie 1642 as I’m buying new synths and kind of future-proofing. Honestly I much prefer the sound (and overdriven sound) of the A&H. I’m fine for now esp using UAD preamps and whatnot, but if I ever change mixers I’ll probably get an A&H Zed420 or something similar. I just don’t love that A&H has their own jargon for things that are standardized otherwise everywhere else. It’s not major stuff but it’s enough to be annoying. Soundcrafts are nice mixers but just not my sound. Maybe for a more clean, pop style music vibe they’re ideal, but yeah… that ain’t me.


So yeah upgraded to (the fucking incredible) Focal CMS65, a 1642 VLZ4, added the JU-06, got rid of the Boss RV-5 (hated it). Next up on the list are the Moog Grandmother, Soma Lyra8, TB-03 and UA Apollo x8. Eventually gonna build a little modular box of strictly odd sequencers. And I need to move this mf out of my house and into a studio… waiting until Winter passes.


that erica box looks like so much fun. i heard it’s super hard to use subtly and takes a while to learn to reign it in… that true?