Your digitakt setup


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how do you use the uc33e?

I have it connected to the midi in of the digitakt

the faders control the 8 sample channels volume, and on the pots Reverb, Delay, and Filter Cuttof per channel.


I had 22 MTK for a week and then sent it back.
USB connections worked like a charm and i really wanted to like it but was disappointed by the sound of EQ and gain stage (overdrive sound). My cheap and trusty Soundcraft epm 8 sounds better in comparison.


dt to volca keys to cdr70 to tc electronic dsp compressor + same dt to tr626 to trig digiplay eds800 (lovely) to sp808 as fx unit. dreaming about a proper polyphonic friend.


I have same setup for jamming live and i love it.
I used midi but now i connect via USB the uc33 connected to a USB hub.
The USB hub is connected to my Iconnectivity Audio4+
The i connect My Digitakt via USB to the Usb host.
It work like a charm


I bought Novation Launch Control XL to djing on Ableton Live. Tried connect it to Digitakt via iConnectMIDI4+ and it turns out that they fit together perfectly.
Im using Launch Control XL faders to control track levels, knobs for reverb send, delay send, amp decay time and one row of buttons to reverse samples, other to change delay time on steps 0,16, 24,32…
From iConnectMIDI4+ MIDI is sended back to Digitakt. That means +8 LFOs, trigless trigs on any step, etc… There is only one issue with MIDI loop, wich freeze Digitakt, but thats happends only if i press stop button twice.



i’m pretty sure i’m warm with round, spacious bottom end.


i actually haven’t tried to use it for the digitakt yet. i’ve just been messing around with the thing for months (mostly due to day job leaving little time for music lately), and just recently have decided to invest more time into using it beyond simple one-hit-driven loops. i just got the monologue a couple months ago and the duo has inspired me to play around more. i’m still not 100% on the DT, though. pretty expensive for a jam box with 1 pair of outs. that OB would be nice about now. i’m gonna try playing with the pattern chain stuff and see if that helps. but it’s limits are kind of annoying, at least relative to the way i produce music, anyway. i don’t love it’s type of swing either. wish it had some groove emulation type thing like ableton does. even like 2-3 swing modes would be awesome.


DT is a bit more than a jam box … like you said, you didn’t spend much time with it, which can explain your statement …


i mean i get that it does more than that, but as far as recording, incorporating it into my work flow… it’s a bit rough re: just having the 2 outs and no OB. maybe i’m missing something, but my only options for actually using it to produce with, would be 1) just jam a whole track out using the filters as eq, relying on it’s internal compressor, or b) record out select channels at a time, to sync up and mix in my DAW.
that’s really what i meant by the “jam box” statement, and i’d be very happy to be wrong about this :slight_smile:


good to know. i’ve seen such mixed reviews about it online. it seems like such an elegant solution for expanding the i/o for the UAD Twin. I also didn’t like that the tracking output on the mtk is pre-eq stage. that’s a bit ridiculous, eh? anyway, the other idea i had was getting something like a behringer ada8200 or if i step up the € a bit, then focusrite octo-pre, just for the digital i/o expansion. anything else in the multi track mixer arena appears to be far out of my price range.


I don’t think of the digitakt in terms of 2outs / OB. I use it as an INSTRUMENT, like you would do with a piano or a guitar … + with 8 tracks + possibility of resampling + midi i found out that i can produce an album inside this so called sampler … not to mention the p-lock etc that gives you so many possibilities, + comp + many ways of mixing properly + the insane amount of sounds you can get out of it … Unless you want to record a philharmonic it’s just a perfect tool … But if you really want to have it in your daw, it might not be for you … as simple as that ! I mean, i use Logic with Alchemy and other soft tools and it works great, but digitakt for me is hardware, it’s dawless ( just use logic for eq and little details, but it’s because i’m a maniac :slight_smile:


totally fair. i’m gonna keep getting familiar with it and see what kind of joy being an “advanced” user would bring. if by winter i’m not thrilled by it re: my work flow i’ll see what’s next. but i’m not giving up yet :slight_smile: i’m considering throwing a koma field kit/fx into the mix. have a feeling those + digitakt could make some seriously fun sounds, textures, rhythms.


I love my alpha Juno 2… nice synth… I’m just working on external control the juno with my Behringer BCR… the menu diving is a little bit boring.



For my recent live shows: DT runs main chords, FX, vox samples, backing beats; Tr8 is on main drum work; DSI Evolver on main bass; Volca FM for secondary/accent bass.


I have the dt300. But im going to be buying a juno control as soon as they become available. With the juno control i can send cc messages from the digitakt, which will be awesome


Do you have more info, IM INTRIGUED :blush:


Im almost hesitant to tell everyone about them because ive been trying to get one for awhile and apparently hes about to have a batch ready :smiley:

but here it is