Your Commitment to Releasing Something in 2022

Forgot to post this update but here’s part 3 of that 4 part EP I’ve been sharing!

Making an EP a month for 4 months has been tough but rewarding. I even got a single out between EPs, which put me a little behind but I’m happy to be sticking to my plan (for the most part lol). I’ve learned a lot about what makes me tick and how to put unimportant things on the backburner.

Can’t wait to wrap this project up because it’s getting harder not to put some of these habits into practice with other themes!

Anyways, Here’s Planetarium+ (Part 3). Made mostly on the Analog Rytm MK2 with some support from Reason and Ableton.

Track 3 “Hobgoblin Hotwire” was the single if you wanna hear the most exciting one :fire:


Holy crap, that formanty M8 voice is fantastic :eye: It all sounds dope but the sounds of the M8 are surprisingly dense.


This started in the ‘current sounds’ thread, this is mastered version (really different) :wink:
Still on route for the 2022 album I committed to, but direction is changing a bit so will have to produce more stuff to get to the finish line, which means ± 10 tunes I’m sort of happy with.


The first release for me this year - my second Machinedrum-only album. Ambient/experimental/IDM/cinematic. More info in the dedicated thread. All proceeds going to UNICEF for aid in and around Ukraine.


New release! A fake score in the vein of John Carpenter’s 80’s scores. (One more album to go!) :slight_smile:


I’ve not finished a single track this year.

Some sketching, some playing about. Three different set-ups. Loads of weeks off to do other stuff and not stress myself out. I’m beginning to wonder if I just don’t get on with the Octatrack.

I finished a few tracks a while ago with the plan of releasing them but I wasn’t really feeling them for some reason. I’ve been at a strange point in life where I’m trying to let things just be what they are.

I ended up making a techno track over the last couple of days.

I was playing with my MFB Tanzbär on Tuesday and decided that I was going to base a track off of the patterns I made. I kept everything pretty dirty and really didn’t do a lot of tweaking or fine tuning. I ended up recording the whole arrangement in my first go after making all of the parts.

So without thinking or worrying about anything I finished the track, mastered it, and released it. I left all of the warts, problems, and thoughts of improvements behind. It’s techno, it’s art, and there are no rules.

I’m following through on my commitment to release something in 2022.
Here’s my first track this year (or in a long time really).

Edit: I highly recommend listening with bass available :wink:


Finally full circle! This has been a huge undertaking for me but this year I can happily say that I’ve fulfilled my New Year’s Resolution. Here it is, PLANETARIUM+ (PART 4 of 4) :globe_with_meridians:

This one is all rytm a tape emulator and a limiter for anyone interested! Animated with my thumbs on my phone :arrow_down::sweat_smile:


What’re the synths used?

Demos for next band EP done, studio probably in the fall but won’t get the EP out until next year due to vinyl plant waiting times. Bummer!

Ambient industrial tape out in a week, a heavy electronics split tape out in the fall and I’m just starting a new industrial metal project as well as working on solo tracks that I hope will release tapes later this year. Everything is chugging along nicely.


Synths are 100% Rev2.

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Got another vinyl LP coming out this year, I will probably do some self releases as well later in the year.


This was released this week on Cardiff (via New Zealand…) label Machine Records. It’s actually a collage of tracks that i completed around 10 years ago but only just getting around to putting out now (hope that still counts…?!) as i’d pretty much forgotten about them until i salvaged (hence the track name) them from an old HD. Was all ITB, ableton/reaktor/some Max/some field recordings.


Hi everyone, hope life is good!

I have just stuck this on my Bandcamp page. Perhaps I’ll do a thread here for it, but will just pop it in here for now.
4 tracks made about 8-12 months ago at this point. I am pleased with the overall sound and feel of each track and I had a lot of fun making them. I decided not to go back to them and try and ‘fix’ anything, I am moving forward with new ideas at this point.

I guess it’s an IDM vibe that I am going for. I am certainly influenced quite heavily by Autechre. Andy Stott as well. Bit of Bonobo. Any feedback is welcome. I certainly need to get more into a habit of uploading my tracks, at least this can fulfil the goal of uploading/releasing something in 2022. I guess the next goal is to upload something that I made in 2022. Thanks for listening.


As OP, the pressure was really on for me :grimacing: But I lost my job, cracked on with these tracks, and got them released :sweat_smile: I have another job now BTW, so all is well again. I’ll have an Ether EP too soon.


This one has been getting positive response, which is really nice for a piece that started out as just a sound design session to learn wavetables in Hive 2 and Vital. Added an arp from Diva in, a few channels of reverb and an octaved delay and just like that it was a piece that went somewhere, so I put it out.


Hawgmented Reality is the beat tape and Shitrig Destroyer is the harsh noise. I’ll have a new 30 minute mix on SoundCloud and a buttload of shorter songs up on Bandcamp come August.


My contribution!


My latest one is out now : double splatter vinyl in a lovely gatefold sleeve for those who like such things :wink:
Download too of course.

A long atmospheric / ambient excursion
ARP 2600 / small eurorack rig / a bit of Moog Grandmother… some pedals
Hope you enjoy if you check it


That looks amazing! :100:

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