Your Commitment to Releasing Something in 2022

I already posted this in the “non electro tunes” thread, but as OP said, cross posting is ok. So here it goes again!

The first demo of my band “imposter.”

It was recorded while rehearsing, so it’s a bit rough around the edges. It was composed with a Digitakt, a Digitone and a Model Cycles, to which we added guitar and voices.

We got ten more tracks coming but goddamit I hate mixing and mastering so much! Started playing gigs though, felt awesome.



Bandcamp download & - wait for it - limited edition Minidisc ! (the label’s preference ! ) & cassette
Released today :slight_smile:


Congrats! The minidisc looks amazing. I miss :minidisc:


In this post I will link the two things which have been released so far this year and then I will get deeply long winded about my philosophy/plan for releasing my solo music. By the end of it you will say “Jesus Christ get a fucking blog, nerdy!”

Atmospheric hellscape released as a split with my homie DNOC. ‘Artwork’ (oh boy) by me.

Recent live set.

Okay I’m going to try to keep this short. If one counts singing in church I started this stuff when I was three years old. If that’s not acceptable I had my first music lessons when I was seven. I only say that because I want to make it clear that money, fame and even attention are NOT what I am in this for. But of course all that stuff can be enjoyable and I wouldn’t shut any of it out if by some improbable stroke luck some of it was to occur. I’m new to this electronic stuff though and do not believe I should be accepting money for learning how to operate my gear. But I’m not remotely shy about it either so my solution is to make tapes. The plan is to make six one hour cassettes, reproduce them in small numbers (between six and ten so far) and pass them out free of charge to local friends who own tape decks. I’ve just put out the fourth one and I’m enjoying my plan. I get to spread my music around while keeping 99% of my flailing about learning gear on the extreme down-low. After tape number six hits I will go through all the dozens of songs I’ve made filling these tapes and possibly make of the ‘good ones’ an album or two for release on bandcamp. And of course after that I will proceed with all the usual things people do to push music online. Short of being a total asshole spamblaster of course.

The three things of mine one can find on the internet currently are a little different. The two long mixes on soundcloud are there because I performed them live in public so after a fashion, they were already out in the wild anyway. The harsh noise split with DNOC is up because he has encountered some truly horrifying health problems and if he wants a 30 minute slab of hellscape which he can sell on his bandcamp I will say yes every time.

Anyhow, is this plan for my current musical phase stupid? Smart? I accept all criticism. My main thing right now is to make as much music as possible while becoming rock solid with my gear and not allowing anybody to pay me for it (aside from live shows because that’s a whole 'nother realm of labor and compensation) until I’ve achieved both competence and a solid body of work.


i edited a video for my band(duo) where i play electric guitar for the NPR tiny desk contest. hasn’t been put up on their site yet, but we’ll see if we make the cut or get disqualified for only having a 3D printed desk…

Anyway, hope you all enjoy.

Afterglow’ - Luraviolet


Towards keeping my commitment - I tried a short live practice take on video. I figure that if I keep trying these every now and then, I should be able to do an actual live take (for some online audience or whatever) before the end of the year.

It’s really tricky to keep things moving quickly - I can’t really yet imagine coming up with a full new song/hook every five minutes. But I’ve started the journey:)

(I’ve done some mini live things before actually, but I love me some theatrical framing;)

PS it kinda starts out of the blue because I didn’t plan to record anything - just had the idea while in the middle of a quick jam and thought I’d hit record and run with it.


First EP of the year done :slight_smile:


Good sound, good atmosphere. Nice title but:
I wondered which unhealthy graphic designer had created this odious car on the cover for your album… It exists :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:
Thank you for letting me discover it, I’m thinking of buying an in orange and blue.

Haha, thanks! Made the cover myself believe it or not :wink: I’m a big fan of ugly japanese cars

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I misread this as “a Digitone jazz album” and got very excited.

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Well, Projects are evolving and the Jazz one will definitely have some Digitone in it…with plenty other “synthetics”…In fact, Jazz will be an equal ingredient to the recipe, and not the major one ( well, not as originally planned)
So, you can keep on being excited about the idea, knowing that It may suck big time in the end.

The Game OST is losing more and more of it’s “Horror” factor in favor of a “trippy” mood…

Creation is a weird gig.

He Guys, i’ve commited this year to release one track per month that i compose on the Digitakt, Octatrack and/or OP-1. So far it is going well.
Thats my latest track enjoy :slight_smile:


New EP out now!

Cinematic, dubby, orchestral, techno.


This is another one that’s been done for months. I have about 3-4 more that I at least need to master still, but my own mixing/mastering business is picking up so not sure when I’ll have time to finish them.


2min34 onward, really like that(the vocalist upper range is more to my liking)! great blend of electric guitar/electro elements too :+1:

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I plan to release at least one song on Spotify by end of the year. Personal detemination. Have the gear and DAW sorted out. Most likely from modular gear as that is what I have most now and enjoy using the most.


Not up on bandcamp yet (cover, cover…) but soon.
(I don’t know how to play the piano so my piano jams are a bit all same-ish…)


i’m planning on like FOUR albums released this year

curated compilations of WeeklyBeats 2022 submissions.

i’m choosing to only use the original weeks’ stereo takes, with whatever post-touchup I want to clean up for the albums. Loses the spirit of WB for me if I were to consider re-visiting/re-rendering the tracks. Instead, it sits as real snapshots of what I had every week.

First volume is M8; second (current) will be OP-1; third will be A4 and friends; fourth ???

Vol 1:

videos (also made each week):


Available on bandcamp now:


Just released a four track EP, first release since mid 2020. Glad to have found the dedication to finishing a music project again. The whole thing was played live on DK and recorded in ableton.
I also rehashed my web page so feel free to check that out for redirects to the EP on major streaming platforms.