OT Feature Requests Thread (active)

i meant that track level and track cue level stay despite changing part,pattern,banks

this way when i am working with midi controller once i set vol or cue on particular track i do not need to worry what happends when i switch to different part,pattern,bank

sure if i have snapshot function on controller that is a solution
but that is not the point,also not every controller have this
and you have to remember to press it every time you change part,pattern,bank

i am allready working on PureData patch in Raspberry PI that do this ,
basicaly i am using Nanokontrol2 for track 1-8 vol and cue ,that values are constantly stored in PD,
then i am taking Program Change message to PD from OT
so when PC occurs from OT,PD is sending stored values of vol/cue of tracks 1…8 data to OT

so far it works fine ,
only thing now i noticed is that when next pattern i swtich to is from other bank and have different part e.g. A1 (part 1) to B2 (part 2),then PD sends data but OT is too late to receive it,
i am guesing that when next pattern is from different bank and have diiferent part then previous one ,it takes more time to switch to(obviously) ,
so i am adjusting now delay between receiving PC from OT ,and PD sending all vol/cue track 1…8 data

ok so turned out that i need 210 ms delay to send data in right time,
which in turn makes audible changes,by which i mean that i can hear volume change (if sample is on 1st sequencer step) for circa 200-300 ms of that sample
is not very bad

if you stay within same BANK ,it is fine ,50ms is enough and no audible changes
but once you wanna switch between banks
you need 250 ms delay, and then is audible

so that is why if it is implemented in OT, would be faster of course(as i guess i would only require for OT to ignore stored track vol,cue data incoming from parts and and stay with global settings of 1…8 vol,cue data ,16 messages) and could be without changes being adible

and of course i meant it to be as option(maybe in PERSONALIZE menu),so one can choose,with or without

your option fffiiissshhh is nice as well



Active Track Up/Down for midi tracks


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Here’s one that might be a pretty simple implementation: scale division per page with looping functionality. So you. An theoretically still have longer loops than standard 64 step 16 notes but have the advantage of accessing 32nd notes so long as you have an 1/8th note or longer on other bars.

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1.) Modern effects that don’t suck, especially reverb and filter
2.) Digitakt style display and UI graphics.
3.) Overbridge ( at minimum) , for streaming the 8 internal tracks to PC.
4.) More internal RAM ( Why not? it’s 2022 )
5.) Eight inputs instead of four

There’s no reason why the FX couldn’t be better. The Virus TI came out like five years before the Octatrack, and it has 16 multitimbral patches. Each with it’s own instance of an entire effects suite on par with modern Strymon or Eventide effects.

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OT filter,reverbs and fx’s have nothing to be shame of,they are simple,doing what they should and are musical(in my opinion filter resonance is great,its not just whistling like in maaaany other hardware running on dsp ,but actualy adding harmonics,and that is rare)

also i am sure that reverb is as good as possibly can be
new effects,and especialy reverbs!=more calculations ,and will require basicaly new cpu ,so no can do,unless OT mk3 with new cpu

please do not forget that you have a given cpu performance and that is what you have to work with.
in my opinion Elektron did amazing job on OT, sqeezing 101% out of cpu, while ensuring
overall system performance and keeping it safe from overloads(which virus TI actualy have problems with) thus keeping sequencer timing correct which is essential for musical application

that is exactly what i said before,
please dont forget virus have rudementary sequencer (no comparision to OT!),no live sampling, etc,
its aim is purely for osc and fx ,so all cpu resources goes there ,it is basicaly different machine
so this comparision is missed by far



your requests fits rather in OT mk3 department OT mk3
i hope there is still room for some fine dialing of OT,

personaly i secretly hope something can be done to separetely control MIDI tracks just like AUDIO tracks

could be amazing if MIDI/AUDIO editing mode beign switchable via midi ,then in conjuction with MUTE focusing track when invoked via MIDI that would solved it,or active track up/down in MIDI editing mode,
or perhaps one of the CC responsable for doing that for example via auto channel

this way you have to send for example 2 extra messages e.g. cc# 100 switch to MIDI editing mode followed (possibly with some delay to give OT time to switch)by CC #101 v7 to choose MIDI track #7,
but that would give remote control over midi tracks,so you could remotely control midi lfo’s,note etc… of seperate tracks,
and maybe whats more exciting you could have midi multitrack recording ,

again you would have to send first CC’s to set the mode and track but hey ,that would work

that is my dream

so keep dreaming,that’s what being scientist is all about…


Yes, this thread is feature requests for the existing OT.


today i want to propose quicker way to assign FILL to a trig
and also some way to mark this fact by differenttrig led color/blink

i feel this way it would be much quicker/easier/attractive to work with FILL(and other) conditions,since
rotarys do not have mechanical steps you always have to look on the screen

press&hold deisred trig(or more then one) + hit SCALE SETUP button to assign it to FILL

to mark trig maybe idea would be yellow led color?why not ,at least then you know is FILL

coming to think of it, why not yellow led to mark if any condition in a trig…?
and maybe assignable(fill,pre,nei,1st,%A:B) condition for trig + SCALE SETUP combination (in PERSONALIZE menu)

all the best

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Direct jump…that is all…


I would love to see a mk3 that follows in the tradition of the mk2 in that it works exactly the same, but looks different and has couple more buttons, and no new features.

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like he said

  • Scenes for Cue

  • An option so Cue doesn’t stay on between banks
    (That one is a nightmare to manage so far)

  • an option to automatically empty the buffer when changing bank

  • a more direct and automated way than having to name, save, assign and load a sample into a machine. Especially for a live use, it is just not taking too long as it is.

  • A less convoluted looping style more similar to a traditional looper

  • Better odd time signatures management with 1 page = 1 bar whenever we change the scale length (I guess that can could be a per page step length)

g’day elektronauts

today i propose

sample pool number displayed in main screen along with sample name e.g.
45:RAGNAROK Screen Shot 2022-10-01 at 10.52.11

optional (PERSONLIZE menu) auto saving all recordings from all track recorders when performing PROJECT->SAVE

have a good weekend



maybe switchable between :
-active when pattern loops and remain active untill loops again
-active during current loop only


separate TRIG MODE - FILL to use 16 TRIG keys as FILL recall\latch,unlatch for individual tracks
maybe keys 1-8 recall ,9-16 latch\unlatch


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It would be great and i’d love that each track would also be able to retain its own mode (include TRACKS mode) even after a reboot (MIDI tracks and MIDI mapping as well).


An auto naming feature when saving names that would propose to name starting with the name of the song and some basic labels (Bass, Drums, etc).
It would be much faster to save and would be useful while trying to move banks across projects (although copying a bank to another project would be my feature number 1, big time).

The ability to switch FX1&2 from series to parallel processing. Would fit nicely in the amp setup page. Ideally setting it to parallel would unlock a parameter in the main amp page for balancing the outputs.

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receiving cc’s 55&56 to act as if i press and hold SCENE button on OT
when receiving 127= pressed and holding,when receiving= 0 release

that way i can press&hold scene selecting button on my controller and it will act same as if i press&hold SCENE A/B button in OT
and then i can send snapshot to program given scene in a blink of an eye

same as with track MUTE
when track is muted from midi it does not activates the track ,just like when muted from OT keys(if enabled from PERSONALIZE menu)


An option so whenever you load a sample you already loaded in the sample slot, it redirects you to that sample. That way whenever you are working on BANK 13 after months starting the set, you are sure to not have doublons in the list (without having to purge).

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