Anyone want an OT 2 with an internal SSD drive, OLED screen?

I would like a machine that would allow me to not only record and playback midi sequences and samples, but also allow me to treat it like a daw, where I could record tracks by song or project and increase my track count, maybe to 16 tracks, so I could double up my instrument layers, record vocals, guitar, etc. Also with a USB port for exporting. All of this in the classic Elektron case build quality, and a higher resolution OLED display with full descriptions. 5 years is a long time in technology terms, and I am guessing something like this is easily within reach at a similar price point as to what we have today.
And no, I don’t want to use a laptop for this. I like the idea of dedicated controls, knobs, etc, although it would be nice if there was the possibility of a keyboard input for descriptions instead of the primitive data input we do now. Could be via bluetooth or usb as well.
This would also give Elektron to make the product more approachable with a bigger screen, and attract more people like myself that own their other products but see the current OT as a bridge too far…


Yeah and it makes you cocktails and gives you a back rub… ain’t gonna happen.


Budget for said machine?


Sold \o/


I’m gonna need a new credit card

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Elektron are making guitar pedals now


Current OT is a masterpiece of hardware. Yes it’s 5 years old but it’s still extremely valid as a workflow and performance tool. I honestly don’t think Elektron will make another - why would they ? There’s so many other realms to be conquered.

There is already a device on the market that deals with samples, has a touch OLED (atleast I think its OLED … it looks colourful and bright), has very sensitive nice pads, and can sample, play samples, edit samples etc etc etc It doesn’t have an SSD as mentioned by the OP, but I don’t think that’s really needed in such a device. I think if you do some googling you’ll find the one I’m referring to and it’s not an iPad :stuck_out_tongue:

If I was elektron - I wouldn’t try and make something that’s technologically superior to what they already have. Any company with a long reach, a fat budget, good marketing, and ties with a plant in Asia that can mass produce electronics can make what you suggest. That’s simply not the company Elektron is - they make boutique machines meant for the skilled hands of those who prefer love going into a machine over mass produced, assembly-line devices.

I would prefer to see them focus on a niche market of users who appreciate a device that plays like it’s an instrument not like … well … I’ll just say it out loud - What you described above is a computer. Every device made by Elektron has a specific feel and that’s what I appreciate about them - I don’t care if their direction is guitar pedals, effect processors, or extremely characterful espresso machines …

I love this forum (kinda LOL) and all the people here, but I’m finding more and more it’s suggestions on what Elektron should be doing instead of what we should be doing which is helping/sharing/enhancing what we already have and love. It’s a community not a market survey.

peace, love, all good things

(bring on the flames !! hhaha)


It would be much better if elektron released an update for the current OT…


Push 2, Ableton and a small laptop or even tablet.
Best sampler / sequencer available.


Sounds a bit like OP wants something like the rumoured new MPC Live? Rumoured $899… Missing a few OT/Elektron features but seems like it might be pretty well rounded overall… Waiting for full info/reviews…


I love their stuff as well, I have a Keys and a Rytm. I don’t want a computer either. I want a quality product that Elektron makes not mass produced junk. I also mentioned I didn’t want a computer or an ipad, I have those, and they don’t have appropriate IO or quality AD/DA. Of all the Elektron products, there seems to be the general consensus that the OT is very complex, even for other Elektron users. As a software developer myself, I don’t think this is a huge leap from what they have in the OT in terms of functionality. OLED prices have dropped significantly as have SSD’s. The product I described would reach to their traditional market and beyond. The OT is a computer product, just a specifically targeted one, which is what we want. What I tried to describe is an evolution, not a revolution…


I would buy it if it could also dispose plutonium waste.

Do SSD’s have a limited lifespan based on read/write operations? (I don’t have SSD’s / Never looked into them)

And yeah, OLED’s look nice :smiley_cat:

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Would love if it were true. Shame that sampling directly with Push isn’t as straight forward as it could be. And I have problems having hardware and Live/Push2 working together without hiccups.

i dont wanna see elektron doin an ot2. just leave these small updates to companies like sony, who call it ps4 pro. Why? it would render the current ot worthless, development for new updates would stop etc. the ot still works fine for the purpose its made for, its stil an instrument you have to master, no oled, more channels or ssds needed. technical borders are important for creativity. maybe they could ease the connection to a daw a bit with software, but thats mostly it.

instead i want elektron to do interesting new machines that dont mimick other. but to make this you dont have to ask users “what you want” because you just get anwserers like “more of the same, but make it bigger and betterr”. this would not be very inspirational.


To a degree. But not being able to play samples polyphonically, only having 64 steps when you have a long musical passage to sample/sequence that won’t fit without workarounds, sequencer not recording ‘note off’, having no straight forward way to export stems etc, they arent ‘creative’ limitations… Just things that force you to compromise your vision or ballache workaround. And stuff like being able to name tracks and save/load kits etc in a simple global library kind of fashion would be plenty welcome too. Plenty of scope for an OT2. Yeh it would hurt original OT used prices but that’s gonna happen sooner or later anyway when another company brings out an OT2 if Elektron dont :wink:


A large scale study found that SSD failure doesn’t increase with chip wear, but other factors such as operating temps and data layout will have a significant effect.

You can read all about it here:


I don’t know if you could call it OT2, but I think there is a nice place in the market for a pro looper with some of the possibilities of an Octatrack and the simplicity of a RC 505.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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