Will there be Octatrack MK3 anytime soon?


Where is that guy?


Yeah…maybe mk2 is as far as it goes, like the MD/ MnM. Perhaps when OB 2.0 is a fully done release, we’ll see some new mk1 flagship models, certainly one of which will be a nextgen OT with OB. When? Who knows


More than expecting MK3
I’d like OB to be released.
Digitakt also has an OB
Why is OT not OB?
If an OT-only OB is released
You can consider more sales than now.


lol That seems like a ridiculous question. So I’m thinking maybe yes?


I really understand the desire for ‘more’ everything. There’s even a Dream OT trapped in my head too :slight_smile:
But it’s kind of amazing after all these years there’s still nothing like the Octatrack really. It’s a remarkable box.

Oh…and no, I don’t think there’ll be a MK3 anytime soon, if ever. And I’m not jonesing for a supersized DTMK2 because isn’t that basically what an ARMK2 is?


Richard Karn (Al Borland) from “Home Improvement”


Developers of that code have long left the company, so id say we can can safely assume that the end of life for OT in its current MK2 form
If it was possible to make a MK2 with OB they would have done it




Pardon me?


Will there be an octatrack mk3? i am planning to save for an OT, probably i can afford it by the end of the year (fingers crossed!) .
but it would be a shame if the MK3 in the form factor of ARmk2 and A4mk2 would be announced later on.

so as long time elektron professionals, what are your thoughts?
you think the next octatrack will adapt to the nice tilted design of the new rytm and a4 mk2 models? or something completely else?
why it was not upgraded in terms of size and form, but the rest of the design was?
i would love to have a set of perfectly fitting trinity, as the old ones used to be.

who is with me? or am i alone with those thoughts?



I spoke with a couple of the Elektron guys when they had a tent setup at Movement 2018 in Detroit, I was told the Octatrack was done as a platform. I bought one a couple months later.


That is to say? I don’t get it (french).
A platform?


interesting, so they are probably working on a successor?


feels like sigma art lens


:smiley: platform in terms of “system”.

so they dont build it anymore.




still got a lot to learn and discover on my AR2 and A4mk2, so actually it is a good thing i cant afford it for now :smiley:


Theres only one engineer left on the Elektron team. He’s working 24/7 on it :smile:


…ot is in all that elektron cult the most cult of all, in the actual product range…it’s one of their all time bestsellers…
and all that new real time/hands on approach gimmicks u can find now in the ugly swedish model will be found in an ot mk3 soon for sure…in stereo!..only question is, how long this “soon” will take…

mk3’s are next to come AFTER the final challenge with ob, so soon for real now, and AFTER the model:synt next year around this time…and then…ot is gonna be the first mk3 machine release…
so 2021 will be the year of the big pop up…if u wanna call this soon enough…there u go…


This was in May and he was hinting at something new, I’m guessing that was the M:S. My guess is that they’ll make a new flagship sampler and call it the dodecotrack or something like that.