What gear would you like to see elektron do next?


You should get your money back, dude. imo :smile:


This! Please Elektron. A mixer would tie it all together.


Not sure if it’s the right place for feature requests for future Elektron machines (I also sent it to Elektron support ), but anyway…

After my experience with Elektron devices, I found that the most exciting feature for me is scenes on Octatrack. It’s obvious how nice scenes and fading between scenes are for live performance, and today I came to the simple idea:

if you have a joystick there are 4 corner points (let’s call them A, B, C, and D ). So we can assign 4 scenes to each point and morph between them with an amazing amount of variability. Of course, more options immediately come to mind, even don’t want to waste your time, you can imagine by yourself.

For my personal taste, such a design would be perfect for a digital machine (maybe a combination of Machinedrum and Monomachine inside one box ), but I guess the idea is quite fresh and never was implemented exactly this way inside a groovebox, so any realization could be mind-blowing.

What do you think?


Maybe adapt this mechanism to a boxmixer where the scenes would be lines


I can’t think. This is insane ! :smile:
Yeah that’d be great. I’m seriously thinking about a 2nd OT controlling both crossfader via midi, pretty insane too.

So with the joystick, central position would be “neutral” or with track default parameters (not scene locked), and we’d morph to the 4 scenes?


I think we just found “E” position - so there should be another point/scene in the center! or? :wink:

Your plan sounds killer too - yes - center is default pattern / track parameters and each corner fades into its own scene.


…joystick… :thinking: :smile_cat:


They could call it „4 Quadrant Performance Controller“ or something! :crazy_face:


Or JoyQuad ! :slight_smile:


At least I would wish from an Octatrack 2 (in order of importance):

  1. better sample rates (96kHz/24bit)
  2. direct recording of multiple streams to sd
  3. more RAM
  4. better/improved effects
  5. more Send/Returns
  6. a second pair of MIDI connectors
  7. OB support

Yep, and that scene morphing joystick :slight_smile:


… and one part per pattern, of course, too.


But it should have that xfader in addition, the joystick should not replace it. I believe the fader movement is smoother overall. Maybe a control pad would allow smoother control, and will not break so easy.
The idea is still sick and i want it too. Also for midi scenes please this time. Wobbeling LFO with it would be porno.


I sold my AK a while back, as much as I loved it there was one huge drawback which I never understood - it could send CV but was not able to be used as a MIDI controller for other devices. I think I’m right in saying that most Modular folk would probably have a MIDI to CV convertor - if they were interested in such things. If the AK could sequence MIDI it would be the very heart of my studio. I love the sequencer on the AK, probably my favourite ever.

So I would love to see Elektron make something similar to the AK with MIDI sequencing capabilities. With an increased number of voices would be even better. Even with no synth, and just as a MIDI centre, I would still buy it. Ultimate dream would be an 8 voice AK with MIDI capabilities, plus in addition an AR in there too - would be expensive, but would be the ultimate machine for both studio and on the road. Just a dream, I don’t think its likely!

Next Elektron Machine

Maybe instead of the joystick an additional “yfader” would give a more smooth control …


Not sure if this is the most appropriate thing to ask, but i’m curious
What wold you guys like to see in the next Elektron machine?
Would you want a new machine? A mk3? A remake of the older machines?
I wanna know your thoughts


There’s already a thread!


I’d like to see a return to the synthesis methods of the Monomachine or the Machinedrum ( not a mk3 of either, though that’d be cool, but more of a return to the ideas they used )

I’d still like to sample and slice them just like an Octatrack, but maybe you could put the samples through the machines that the Monomachine had to transform the sound, like using the samples as custom waveforms ( that’d get crazy )

Also, a different colour for the hardware/screen would be nice ( i’m biased to a light pink screen, i think that would be nice )


Yes with xfilter or something lk the radical technology CEP



Hey Ray-Ray!

Or they could put out a Digitakt with a keyboard [as the new product] and use its midi sequencing features.

I am moving right now from AK_and_DT to Novation SL MkIII. I wish though it had conditional trigs … but on the flip Elektron stuff will never have tight integration as a [Ableton] Live controller.

How’s that for a hapless new product request, “Hey Elektron, will you please make an Ableton Live controller?” Never happen, nor would i want them too, i’ll find it elsewhere.

My request: Hey, Elektron have at it, do whatever kool sort of produkt you want to do.

Strange thought

Elektron have and are improving having Live and other DAWs as Elektron controllers. So maybe i will be able to use the SL MkIII to control Live to control Elektron?? Three degrees of separation.


Having the Eventide H9 max in use for a few days now and thinking about how awesome it would be if there was a Octatrack Eventide Edition. So basically no Elektron FX algorithms but instead those H9 algorithms.

Just dreaming of course…


I’m surprised that Elektron haven’t teamed up with any other smaller manufacturers like themselves. My dream is a vermona drm drum synth with Elektron sequencing. P- locking eventide effects would be fun as hell.