What gear would you like to see elektron do next?


An upgrade of the Octatrack (perhaps new product with new name) has to be in their plans… the Mk II is basically a Mk I with new enclosure.


With a sequencer onboard for other important duties


Octatrack 2 Mk 1
w/ Mixing page, Send/Returns, Crossfader, SD Storage


Since they introduced this new format (AH,DT,DN) and after twiddling around with my setup yesterday, why not make a pure monosynth in this format with:

  • 3 OSC’s, with additional digitals on top with wavetables (user-WT?)
  • stereo multimode-filter beyond the usual suspects
  • distortion/overdrive-circuit
  • basic EQ
  • sequencer as usual
  • 4 LFO’s
  • 2 envelopes
  • 4 FX (phaser/flanger/chorus/delay)


Not very ambitious! :slight_smile:
OT 1 has all that or similar already.


Honestly as time goes on Id like to see a range of modular modules from them. P-lock capable CV sequencer to start with.


Its called the analog4 lol jk dont hurt me


Viditakt, video synthesis. Don’t know beans about how to do it but I’d snap one up made by Elektron in a quick minute


I wouldn’t be surprised if they make one with AH / DT / DN form factor.




Hex=6, right? So, only six tracks? I like the sentiment, though :smile:

In another thread about a year ago, I posted that I figured Elektron would be eventually coming out with their Dodecatrack: 12 track sampler, same size as analogue mkIIs, analog filters, updated fx, keep the crossfader, pre-fx muting, etc. So, probably not what Elektron will do next, but to me it seems likely something like a true advancement of the OT is eventually coming. Meanwhile, I loves me my OT mkI :loopy:


An 8-track cv/gate box would be really cool.

Or a 8ch (4x stereo) fx box with high quality fx (strymon/eventide quality) combined with the crossfader/sequencer/lfo’s from the OT


I understood 16, as hexadecimal is base 16, but you’re right !
I think @Sternenlicht meant Hexadecatrack !


Ah, that makes more sense :wink:


Sorry, but OB.
What I paid for when buying a DT :wink:


I want elektron to make a battery powered kp3+ w/ trs and midi in/out


An Elektron standard size power supply that powers 3-4 Elektron machines would be very handy.


As long as its rack mountable I’d be happy.


maybe it’s been mentioned already, but a performance orientated mixer would be awesome.

Enough channels to handle multiple elektron machines

  • ~8 Stereo input channels
  • LED band next to slide pots showing dB level.
  • Each with their own 3 band EQ or variable state filter (LPF/HPF/BPF)
  • Quick mutes
  • Slide potentiometers for volume control (preferably with more physical resistance to movement than the OT crossfader, but not necessary.)
  • 2 cue outputs with option to split signals between them
  • Master output has an optional 3 band EQ that you can switch on/off

FX sends

  • enough I/O to utilize OT inputs as well as other FX
  • control for input gain and output volume
  • ability to also send to cue
  • being stereo would be a big plus.
  • built in effects like reverb, stutter/repeat, compression w/ option to sidechain from a channel.


  • For the love of god that would be massive if i could have individual channels from it in my DAW so I can get even crazier with the mix.

  • Even better if it could take in the separate USB audio channels from Overbridge enabled hardware like DN/DT/A4/AH/ETC.

Master/Slave Clock

  • sync hardware/DAW to mixer or mixer to hardware/DAW
  • a sequencer for step sequencing FX

My pants got a little tighter thinking able this.


A kind of Hexadecatrack? :slight_smile: