What gear would you like to see elektron do next?


With two “digis” and one “analog” all in the same Digitakt form factor, I can’t help but think that they will make another analog unit in the small black box aesthetic. Maybe a super refined alalog mono (or duo?) synth with analog delay, chorus and a super creamy low end. Maybe tons of cv io to mate with modular gear too. I don’t know, just a shot in the dark…


I’ve had a similar idea but in my mind it would be like an MPC but also have it’s own analog drum synths. Basically turning the Rytm into an MPC and being able to sequence multiple other items with it.


I would like a modern Elektron MIDI sequencer instrument with 16 freely assignable LFOs and complex envelope generators.


Elektron’s version of a Nord Modular. THAT would be amazing.


Awesome! Thank you very much, that’s exactly what a need!


LMK how it goes if you get it. I’ve been considering an OT oriented modular build because of that module.


I will. But i am a complete noob in electronics. I hope i can teach myself how to assemble this module.


It’s surface mount i believe – not easy for a nooby.

How to ....

it is doable if you are super determined, and very detail oriented. I’d start with a surface mount project that you can practice on and throw away. And don’t go cheap on your assembly tools.
ADDED: Came across a video for a how-to on surface mount soldering. He’s actually a little messy (imo) and it still works.

The cool thing to me with the Dubldeca is it shows there is a market for the doo-dad you drew Kari. Perhaps Elektron should really consider something like it – and pay you for your design ideas.


You could probably find a builder if you’re not comfortable. That’s what I’ll probably do. I saw one a while ago on Reverb. Really wish I had bought it now.


RYTM & Digitakt Combo


Nice, but without a Tape Recorder attached, not at least on the Same Level as Tascam or Zoom


A mono synth, done differently


A DJ Mixer with looping function, team up with Allen & Heath… go go go.


An 8 voice polyphonic (keyboard) sampler with analog filters and sequencer.

It is so frustrating that there’s no modern alternative to the akai s series except ITB software.


A manual for OTmk2 for idiots like me








I meant a manual written in a more approachable style. For the common man, so to say





Thanks for this.

MK2 manual FTW


MKII and MKI share same OS.
If you want to talk to MKII owners only, so be it.

Edit. Maybe overreacting, but some MKII owners seem to think MKI is totally different and much worse…