What gear would you like to see elektron do next?


Your welcome, merlin’s Guide is a must read for any OT owner. Mki or mkii. Especially if you’re looking for a manual written “for the common man” regarding OT functionality.


Elektron need to finally redesign the user interface for their next release.
8 knobs aren’t anywhere near enough


Oh no. It was a play on words. MKI and MK2 units (hardware) and MKI and MK2 manual (paper/PDF)


I would have thought with all their new skills around Overbridge, Overhub and AH that a multi-input audio interface could be on the cards. Same hardware format as the DT/DN.


I’d like to see them make a mixer


I would like to seem them make an official battery pack for the Digitone etc…exact same size, quite thin, fits on bottom to the vesa screw holes…so simple, would make the Digitone/Digitak and Heat portable without changing the form factor much and having to do a makeshift 'stick the battery to the base.

Having an official battery pack would not only sell battery packs but would more units as portable devices (could even be a bundle price)


Thats a brilliant Idea! Since cool days are coming maybe they can add Elektron Softshell Jackets…for mobile jamming outside


Elektron please make a eurorack sequencer. A man can dream can’t he?

Eurorack format
CV ins and outs



Besides a simple multitrack Tape Recorder…i would Like an multi FX unit to See. That Has a six Mono Inputs Mixer section and cased in Analog Heat Like Box with five FX that can be chained or parallel used.


A semi-modular drum machine, something to rival the Soma Pulsar 23


So does anyone think were ever going to get a MD 3 or digidrum with all the patch loading and performance tools of the new boxes? I for one truly hope so.

Am I the only one? [Machinedrum love]

For sure, but when? :content:


wouldnt be the expert sleepers fh-2 in conjunction with an ot be able to do that?


YES! This! I love this idea and was just looking at Koma Strom Mobile thinking “could this power my digitakt?” Would much rather have something without MORE cables and little boxes to cary around. What about a mixer in the digi format with a battery pack?!


Next NAMM? Please :stuck_out_tongue:


Something portable. I doubt it would be a sampler, but I really want a portable octatrack without needing to purchase a separate battery.




I didn’t knew that module. I just read the specifications. It would be possible if you got the expansion module for the 5pin-MIDI in and output. Because the OT can’t send or receive MIDI over USB, which is a shame.
They even show a setup example with a DT.
I have to do more research, but thanks you very much, this could be a easy solution.


An overbridge enabled performance mixer with effects, analog inputs and usb inputs for overbridge enabled devices. Give it a sequencer for the effects with different and controlling other hardware.

Wavetable synth would be cool too.


A novation SL mk3, but with elektron sequencer and overbridge? :smiley: