What gear would you like to see elektron do next?


Thought about that after I posted, indeed!


Idea inspired by all the mixer idea mentioned numerous times here, in this case it would be a mixer/controller using extended overbridge capabilities, could be called Octahub.

Hardware featureset:
-Octatrack form factor.
-6 USB3 “inputs” using the audio through usb feature of overbridgable Elektron gear.
-1 USB3 “output” to link the Octahub to a DAW for separate tracks recording.
-MIDI in.
-MIDI out.
-2 stereo input (for non audio over usb gear).
-2 main output (XLR L/R).
-1 AUX output (jack stereo).
-1 stereo send/return.
-1 Headphone output.
-Endless knobs.
-Push buttons.

Functional requierments:
-Basic mixer functionalities (vol/pan/3band eq…) for each track, could be as many tracks as streamable tracks available through the usb (Overbridge approach).
-Be able to assign the endless knobs of the Octahub to any Overbridge enabled connected gear parameters.
-The parameter tweaking done on the Octahub should be “recordable” on the connected gear.
-A simple sequencer allowing to control the patern changes of the connected gear, along with trig conditions.

Software feature set:
-Overbridge Enabled for separate track recording in a DAW.
-Kind of a dream but allowing a computer plugin integration should it be effects (to use on a digital send/return manner) or virtual synths (that could be assigned to tracks on the Octahub), the audio signal and midi control being streamed through the usb (MIDI allowing to trigger MIDI clips in Ableton Live with the Octahub sequencer).

You get the idea, having a single box to sequence several machines (by controlling their internal sequences/pattern/etc and being able to record that inside the Octahub like songs), being able to do basic Mixing, controller capabilities to avoid going from one machine to another to tweak stuff, and a turbocharged HUB capability that allows to record the audio to a DAW on separate tracks.
With the capability to sequence and trigger external MIDI clips from a DAW like Ableton Live, streaming computer plugins signal, you kinda make the Octahub the master gear gettin it all together, computer included.

BUT (because there’s a but) this gear may not be perfect, let me explain:
The downside of it all is that if Overbridge screws up or is not released before this gear comes out you’ll end up with an overpriced 2 stereo chanel mixer with basic midi controller capabilities and plenty of useless USB ports on it… :shushing_face: :joy:


The only cool thing about an elektron mixer imo is the sequencer idea of control all the effects a normal mixer has. Or being able to save kits of bus groups. Or different “aux send/receive” options, which could get super interesting, as well as being able to sequence/lfo that kind of stuff not to mention if you introduce scenes/perfmode or whatever kind of performance boosters they might be capable of designing.

IDK just thinking out loud


It took me a moment to realize that other people buy mixers with built-in effects, and this is somehow normal.

Being so out of touch, I feel this disqualifies me from suggesting what the youth of today may want in an future Elektron device. Better off just letting Simon and friends do their job.


Sure Uri B would be very supportive of this move.


Yes, definitely a mixer.
But a mixer says “outboard” to me than “interface”. But throw on a USB. Because there are lots of good mixers that are pretty established by now.
For an Elektron mixer, i’d prefer a MIDI interface/master clock as been said.
EQ with 3 bands, but mid sweep too. Inline channel filters. Don’t see a real need for too many mic preamps/mono channels, so 8 stereo switchable with 4 preamps.
Kind of 1202-ish. To keep it small and affordable. Of course, more of a performance mixer.
There aren’t too many Elektron effects I see as indespensible other than the filters and EQ, really. I guess a verb, maybe. Master Comp? Never used one on mix, myself. More of a post/mastering thing.
2 Aux outs. Master EQ. 1 RCA Tape/2 Main out, Bal/Unbal. No sliders, all pots and lighted mute/aux/fx buttons. And a nice little LED gooseneck light you can change colors on!


I just hooked up my 1202VLZ4 now that my routing needs have increased again. It’s a bit much for what I want to do (an 802VLZ4 would be just right), but it’s a great sound reinforcement tool for my humble 2x2 USB audio interface. I’m glad I didn’t sell it, and just boxed it up for when I might need it again.

But I wonder what Elektron could offer that could compete with my current setup besides integrating an audio interface with a mixer at a price point that would make me think twice about simply buying a better quality audio interface with more channels. Effects? Sequencing? Crossfader? That sounds awfully like an Octatrack III to me.


The missing link between Octatrack(or any MIDI controller that can send CCs) and Eurorack. Use the MIDI CCs from OT „CTRL 1&2“ Pages, to control any Module.
Daisy chain multiple modules for even more CVs.

The basic model (the small one) generates CVs from incoming MIDI Data. One module equals one MIDI track of the OT.
The luxury version can record the MIDI cc‘s of a pattern. Record the same pattern with different CCs and use the slider to morph between the values. Basically a scene feature for your modular. Additional features of this modules are LFO and Clock generators and a mode where all cv ports are used for controlling polyphonic patches. The module can be used as controll unit if it’s daisy chained with the smaller modules.

The concept arts are far from perfect, but I think it shows what i imagine.

If you guys like the idea, i may create a dedicated thread, with better artworks an more details.

EDIT: Thanks a lot my fellow elektronauts, your feedback means a lot to me!


I’m not that much into modular, but that is one hell of a cool idea.


Eurorack has no personal appeal for me, but I would enjoy a dedicated thread of your artwork. You’ve got “a good wrist” as the old-timers used to say in the advertising world.


@Kari lovely artz👌


Same here. Interesting work.


Thanks for the feedback! I will to elaborate the concept and create better looking concept pictures!
I will create a dedicated thread in near future.

Any feedback and ideas are highly appreciated!


Elektron MachineStation

-Combines all three classic Elektron products into one hardware device
-Ability to load Sysex exclusive files from Monomachine, Machinedrum and Sidstation devices
-Crossfader control between classic sound and “enhanced sound” with per track and global modulation
-Monomachine style Track configurations with 12 tracks Overbridge supported

I say all this now with my Monomachine packed away to be shipped back to Elektron for repair. Those buttons are fragile I’ve managed to knock loose at least 6😞


Good idea – CV is regaining its turf as an interface medium. There’s always an interesting variety of stuff with CV control, and the Octatrack seems a good place for it.

What if instead of it being outboard, there was a patch bay matrix on the Octatrack Mk3. Put the box into the form factor of the A4 and RYTM Mk2 would give plenty of room. The patch bay matrix could be in concept like the Arturia MiniBrute 2s or some of the Moog semi-modulars.

Then the controls like the cross-fader can do double duty, and the display too. There might still be an outboard expansion too, not sure. The other thing is Elektron would surely innovate in such a box with software features, with the massive amount of CV control from/to the OT.

Elektron might even then venture (selectively) into the Eurorack module business.


There needs to be Scenes to select from.
For example on the OT, you select the Scenes from the 16 trigs.


OT mk IÌI with lots of cv outs would be awesome! Or maybe some kind of expander for the patchbay. I understand that modular will always be a niche, but the Octatrack has IMHO the potential to rule the sequencer market for eurorack. Or a dedicated box, just the OT sequencer part and a field of cv ports for 500€ Could do already much more as every dedicated Eurorack synth out there. Some additional CV generation tools, LFOs, clock signals etc and it could be as useful as modules that would cost otherwise a few hundred dollar.
Or even better, imagine a Octatrack that has 8 CV Inputs, wich can be recorded and then basically be used like sample on the OT. So much potential!


Oh yes, scenes would be possible on the bigger version of the two modules. The idea is basically to bring/connect the awesome features from the OT into the world of modular.


I have a little Soundcraft Notepad with a bunch of FX that I initially turned my nose up at. Last night gave them a proper shot and it turns out the reverbs are quite nice! Kinda satisfying to kill the need for a pedal with zero extra money+footprint.