Transfer Application


What a coincidence. I was reading this topic now and switched to Facebook. This is the first thing I saw:

Attention to “Rytm MKII”. If it doesn’t work with the MK I as previously announced, this would be really annoying.


Official thread here …

currently only MK2 compatibility (+DT)


The release note just says ar with fw 1.32 and upwards. No mk1 mk2 difference. Can anyone try this please!!! :wink:


Oh, ok. I hope the Facebook post also meant “currently”!


watching too ! … IMHO it’s actually bad form to release it for the later device first - it was promised for MK1 year(s) ago, long before the DT or MK2 were known about - however, I suspect there’s going to be a bunch of stuff updated in February as mentioned elsewhere, fingers crossed I suppose


It says it requires OS 1.32 and the latest OS on the RYTM MkI page is 1.31B.


Silly me :frowning:


Don’t feel bad - I almost fell down the stairs rushing down to my basement studio to try it out when I saw this announcement!


I don’t see much of a benefit using this for the AR instead of C6… but am I missing something ?


Benefit is the folder managment!!!


Like transfering a tree, maintaining hierarchy ? ok, I understand now why I was not aware of the benefit since I keep my folders flat.


The graphic on the announcement implies to me that the app allows two way transfer, but in the release notes it only mentions transfer to the machine from the computer, kind of really disappointing if after all this time the transfer is only still 1 way.

I’m losing patience with Elektron, everything of the last few years feels half assed and unfinished before something new is released, a lot of people including myself speculated that Overbridge might cause disruption to ongoing product development and it really seems to be the case.

I really hope Elektron can get their act together as I still think they are among the finest music machines ever made, but right now I have 2 machines (AR and DT) out of the 5 that I own that do not have proper backup for user content (samples) and given the amount of time that I have owned them it is beyond a joke.

I have zero interest or a method of running Overbridge on any of my computers, so I’d really like to know if going forward whether Overbridge use is going to be a requirement for Elektron gear.


DT & RYTM – could there be a 3rd on the way?

Thank you Elektron!!!



I’m wondering if the release will really be called 1.32 aot 1.40 - especially if it has this new DVCO machine too - we’ll see I suppose


Does anyone know an eta for the OS update for AR MK1?
It’s been a whisper on the wind for like 6 months or more.


IMO, when you start to see longtime Elektron power users like @darenager starting to lose patience, elektron would be wise to rethink their “cards-to-the-chest-come-hell-or-highwater” communication strategy lest they begin to lose support from their oldest fans. Hell, it’s rare that you ever even see @simon on this board anymore. Clearly they seem to think the power lies in bare minimum communication, leaving the avenues shut for pushback discussion.

I see why they’re doing this, I just think it’s a bad strategy. I couldn’t love elektron machines more - hell, I want them all - but I won’t buy another until I have a better feeling about this company. FULLY intended to upgrade the ARII at one point; won’t do it now, WAY to many warning signs.

Whether or not this is the case, their current strategies carry a heavy vibe of arrogance.


It is inexcusable to release sample transfer for mk2 Rytm before the Mk1. People have been waiting what’s now years for this promised feature this stinks of corporate BS from Elektrons overlords.


I asked a top level guy I know at Elektron and even he didn’t know


glad I’m not the only one finally pissed off about this. I can understand delays or problems encountered. I just want to hear from Elektron. Give us a timetable, assure us its still coming… etc