Transfer Application


ok this is getting absurd now


Actually, i don´t care that much. The app would be very “nice to have” but no must for me since i mostly work with synthesized sounds and not samples. But since they have promised, they would do well to deliver. I´m confident they will though, they just seem to be lacking staff (growing pains) at the moment.
I would offer my services as a programmer if i could. But even then it would take some time until “i” / the person hired / would be up to speed and being able to contribute.


Well, it’s a bit annoying with the big announcement and then nothing happens for ages.


they should just pay to take void’s code or something


Yeah, that´s a big letdown for sure.


I wish I could go back in time to my June self and tell myself “who are you kidding…don’t bother checking every day for an update, its Elektron, its going to be 1 yr late”


> It is still beyond my comprehension why the sample transfer has been done in such an awful way in the first place. I use my Rytm almost every day and I stil cannot understand why they made it like this. Almost everything else about the Rytm is very sophisticated, but this basic feature is done so badly.

This. Elektron, please sort this out instead of linking to a thrid party app that costs 20 bucks. Seriously, wtf?


I mean they wrote it. For the Digitakt. And its supposed to come out for the RYTM since June but still delayed. No doubt its not coming out before Mk2 drops


Any news?


If there’s one thing Elektron is good at(other than making quality gear, obvsly), it’s getting announcements in front of people’s eyes. When they drop something- you’ll receive an email, see a youtube video, see topics created on this forum and see a facebook announcement about it(even if you’re not on facebook).

Meditate, make music(possibly while meditating), and the information you want will come when you’ve reached your relaxed state.


I have just 10k samples to load through C6… I would never to been born :smiley:


goddammit Elektron can we at least get this as a Thanksgiving gift??


If you have Mac you can use SDS Drop! There’s even an update to use stereo samples in the RYTM!


But SDS Drop costs £20… Given the price of the Rytm I don’t think it’s much to ask from Elektron to give us modern-day sample transfer without having to pay more…


SDS miss the feature I really want from transfer app: keep folders and subfolders organized. Sample packs like DMD3 with very elaborate directory structure take a lot of work. And the inability to use lowercase characters is another limiting factor for having a well-organized library on your machine


Elektron are so cruel teasing us with these amazing updates but not delivering them for 8 months +.
Would be nicer for them to just surprise us when its ready. Where is that freaking transfer app update also?


Yep, when can we Mac users finally start using samples in the AR without having to buy a 3rd party app ??? (yes I know I can use c6 but the transfer speeds…)


transfer speed is noticeable only when you try to upload 1000 sample at the same time :slight_smile:
When uploading 20-30 sample in the context of a track… it’s less an issue.


I completely disagree. Transfer speed is MIDI Sample Dump Standard from the 90s and is pathetically slow and does not belong in a modern day machine at this price level.


Complain when things are established does not give anything. If you like your machine for 90 percent and the sample transfer is 10% dissatisfaction I think it’s honest. You will never find a machine that suits you 100% satisfaction on any points.

+Drive is 1 GB : no need to transfer your sounds library… you can’t.
Just think differently.

The standard midi is still in application in the hardware in case you are not aware. Not to mention SDS, we control with MIDI, we sync with MIDI… so :wink:

I do not find it shocking. For more modern there is the computer, the sampler that offers faster ways to work with the samples. RYTM, is still a Analog Drum Machine.

Who knows, maybe next OB version will gives us more fast drag & drop sample. maybe.