Transfer Application


Does the new Elektron Transfer application work with Analog Rytm for transferring samples?

Transfer - wow
OS Updates! Rytm MKII 1.40C, Digitakt 1.07, Digitone 1.02

Not yet.


its for digitakt.



Same thing I talked about in the Rytm 1.32 thread the rytm needs the coming 1.32 OS for the software to work. Why was my title changed to speculation if the statement says the update is coming. All well you can download the Elektron Transfer from the Digikat support link.


Sorry , didn’t realise it was for rytm too
Would be nice to define the folder name it’s being sent to but it’s easy enough to rename on device.
If I dragged a tr8 folder onto the app it’d be great if it ended up in a tr8 folder on device.


It’s cool just have to wait until the OS drops.


the wait is killing me. I need this app so bad


It is still beyond my comprehension why the sample transfer has been done in such an awful way in the first place. I use my Rytm almost every day and I stil cannot understand why they made it like this. Almost everything else about the Rytm is very sophisticated, but this basic feature is done so badly.


You can do that. There’s a text box at the bottom of the window that does just that.


i had clicked on it expecting to be able to change it but it didnt do much.

just tried again and success :slight_smile:
it seemed too obvious to not give that option…


What are you waiting for? It’s out.


won’t work until the new Rytm OS is released


Sorry I didn’t notice this was the Rytm sub forum


Any update on this? The Transfer readme says Rytm OS 1.32, but the latest i can find is 1.31B


I don’t think Ryrm OS v1.32 has been released yet? (Don’t quote me on that)


Hopefully it will include a solution to properly back up samples. It’s one of my bigger stress using the AR on a live rig: no proper way to completely restore it if using samples. No fun at all if the AR ever breaks down or get lost/stolen…

I assume this pet peeve is properly covered on the Digitakt?


I’m afraid that the Digitakt is Elektron’s priority and we have to wait a long time, until a new OS for the Rytm is released.


every day I check, every day I’m disappointed we dont have it yet


Just a guess, but as every OB update requires an OS update, I wouldn’t expect 1.32 (and corresponding A4/AK OS) to drop until OB is ready for the Digitakt. Then all three machines can be updated together. :content: