Elektron Transfer

Transfer samples fast and easy to your Digitakt or Analog Rytm MKII with Elektron Transfer. This handy little app is available for download, free of charge at [Elektron.se](http://elektron.se/support/)

Transfer Application
Can I use C6 to load audio files onto the DigiTakt?

The inevitable question that needs a bit of clarifying ideally is … what about MK1 users ?

Clarification EDIT

It seems the MK1 release is necessarily delayed because it’s tied to the incoming OB release, releasing the required OS1.32 would break current OB compatibility.


For digitakt only, is this an update to the previous version? Or am I all set?


guess we need to keep the faith


Something tells me it’s going to be more difficult to sell my mk1…


So please anyone try it with a mk1 model. The release note doesn’t make any difference. Only fw 1.32 is needed.


Like I said in the other thread, the latest RYTM MkI FW on the Elektron support page is 1.31B…


Ur? @Elektron - The Digitakt support page shows:

Elektron Transfer 1.0.0 (Mac) — Jan 8, 2018

So the date is new… but the download is the same application that’s been out since May (which was also labeled v1.0.0).

Did you forget to update the web page? Or is this just a re-announcement of the software?


i assumed this is more to announce it working for rytm mk2 , otherwise nothing new for digitakt.

i also assume that mk1 wont get this as it requires more modern hardware/magic dust that theyve got working in mk2.
but its just an opinion , …

this year i’m trying to be a little more balanced , … new announcement / no new announcement … i’ll still using the gear … i’m quite sure elektron are doing the best they can and moaning on the internet wont help.


You right




I suppose the MKI will get the new transfer app together with new FW.


…hopefully the wait will be worth something, at least for those who have the MKII and hoping that it’ll be faster than C6 and come with not so many bugs that’ll need fixed along the way. sort of a ‘tendency’ nowadays to leave everything to ‘future updates’…mmm… :roll_eyes:


i just wish Elektron was transparent with us on what the delay is for and an estimate at a new time table. mk1 users were supposed to get this when digitakt first came out. and since then no words. it’s really not fair for us


transfer app was announced for rytm before mk2 was even announced . and it’s silly to think its impossible for mk1 when SDS drop does this


Is it that this is just for USB High Speed devices? (So DT and RYTM MkII and not RYTM MkI which is USB Full Speed.)

I couldn’t find anything in the documentation. I can be very wrong about this!


It’s now clear it’s coming when 1.32 is released for MK1 - just a bit longer probably (after MK2 users test it first :wink: )

Transfer Application

I doubt it is specific to USB speed… or even USB! The interface just has you picking MIDI ports. The protocol, at least for Digitakt, is based on MIDI SysEx.


That makes sense mzero and avantronica!

I own both a DT and an RYTM MkI so i don’t want to miss out with my RYTM, although at 40x the speed i imagine my Digitakt transfers will be a lot faster.


but, both will run at 10x MIDI baud rate at best - so both the same