Transfer Application


Looks like 1.32 for mk1 is not gonna happen, Elektron wants us to buy the mk2… and they should know what some of us are going to say to that…


wow, that is desperate…


This. If anything it should have been released to the loyal mk1 market first. The mk2 buyers have a shiny new toy and would KNOW it would eventually reach them.


if they do not release the new OS I would buy a second-hand octatrack rather than give them money for mk2


I dont think they are this evil. More likely is that they haven’t had time to make it work correctly on the mk1. I hope I’m right


As skeptic as I am with Elektron but in this case I’m sure they’ll deliver the transfer app for the mk1 as well. I mean, they gave trig conditions to the OT… Who would have thought???


Sorry for being absent here lately! There is frankly too much on my table to keep an eye on Elektronauts, and I’m actually not a part of the marketing team. Unfortunately, no one has picked up the torch so to speak.

I’ll forward your concerns to our marketing director - hopefully we can become much better at keeping an open and direct dialogue here.

Where is the firmware for the MKI?

The reason why it has not been released yet is that it would break compatibility with the current version of Overbridge, and will therefore need to be released at the same time as the new Overbridge version in the works. This version is slated for release in February.

Sorry to keep you waiting! We are definitely not ceasing updates of MKI units for some evil sales scheme, that’s not our way of doing things and will never be.


That makes sense. Thank you for your support.


Very well put!


Ah yeah, of course, the connection to OB compatibility makes so much sense now … a little fact but a helpful one to factor in :thup:


Good to have an update, thanks @Simon although for those of us who have zero interest in DAW and Overbridge use (for exactly these kind of reasons) it is kind of ironic that a hardware drum machine is relying on computer software to be updated before its firmware can be updated :rofl:


Sure, but for some people Overbridge is very, very important. It’s a part of the instrument, and that’s not going to change either. That said, it can of course be used completely without it, and Transfer will remain a separate application.

(Intermediate updates to only the firmware are of course still a possibility, but once the protocol has changed in both firm- and software the update will need to be released as one package)


Wow! I hadn’t thought of that! Thanks for the information, Simon!


@Simon yeah I get that and fair enough, I just wish that Overbridge was not such a pivotal stumbling block for future OS dev of the hardware, like for example when a desktop os update breaks OB compatibilty as it seems to have in the past, I imagine extra man hours and resources are required to fix it, putting other things on the back burner, so to speak. Maybe I’m talking a bit out of turn, and making some unfounded assumptions here, but it does seem from a long term users point of view that hardware updates were more frequent in the pre OB days and when Elektron was a smaller company.

I appreciate that my views on OB may not be shared by a large percentage of Elektron users, but for hardware only guys Elektron were always the go to machines, and of course the machines are still useable without OB, no question, but a basic 2 way back up app is still a requirement so I hope that is on the cards soon.

I do find it really strange how people who are so reliant on OB seemed to have an aversion to paying for it, personally I think a paid software model would benefit everyone, more OB dedicated staff could be hired reducing dev time, and people who don’t need it don’t buy it, it would also give Elektron a clearer picture of who actually values it and who just use it because it is free. I’ll state right now that I have no problem paying for a proper standalone backup app for AR and DT, whether it comes from Elektron or a third party dev, because it has value to me, just as the machines themselves do and we pay for those.

I hope that you can see my point, and that my perspective whilst not that of a “Yes” man comes from a genuine enthusiasm for Elektron gear.


Whoa! Overbridge for the MK2s are that imminent?!

Great strides!


I understand your concern, but that’s not the case. We have separate teams for Overbridge and firmware. They of course collaborate, but we’re not “wasting resources” on Overbridge by any means.

Perhaps firmware updates were more frequent pre-OB, but you also need to consider that we had only Four and Rytm that were actively developed during that time period. Now we have a lot more products etc. Overbridge is not the sole reason for everything, I promise. :slight_smile:

And yes, backup is coming.


Great news and thanks for reply :thup:


C6 is a bigger issue for most users. I’ve been using C6 for almost 10 years now (MD UW).
My experience with C6 across different elektron devices has not been uniform. The Rytm does not support C6 as well as the MD did IMHO. My Rytm fails to transfer samples 75% of the time.

And I’m talking about small numbers here. Once it fails I have no choice but to upload samples one at a time. Uploading samples and keeping them organised is a massive and complete ball ache on the Rytm.

Thankfully Transfer should clear up some of this


^ A slightly tarted up version of C6 fully compatible with AR and DT would suit my needs TBH.


Never experience that kind of things. But each time a computer is in the loop, I guess there’s no identical experience with software (Pc / Mac … Old Pc / Old Mac etc…) Checkbox to check … Midi over usb, Midi over Midi etc…

When I point that number 1000 samples over 20/30 samples it was just to tell, it’s better to upload carefully selected files rather than huge amount of random pick files… or trying to copy a personal library on a small +Drive with 1GB of capacity. It simplify the process of uploading to send less file but carefully choose. Just that. not sayin a replacement of the old C6 with better option of better speed is not a good thing.