Timetosser FX box

I likes it!


Although it doesn’t do anything that can’t be done in traktor, both quicker and more in sync, I would actually like to see this in use with a synth, grrovebox or drum machine.

I feel in that environment it could be an interesting device. If it’s being pitched as a DJ tool, as the video suggests, then it feels a little pointless.

I’m always on the hunt for some hardware version of “The Finger” or “BeatLookUp” for my Elektron rig.

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definition of ‘tosser’ in uk

Noun. tosser (plural tossers) (Britain, slang, pejorative, vulgar) A male who masturbates. (Britain, slang) An objectionable male, often somewhat obnoxious in demeanour. That bloke who ripped me off was a right tosser.


Latest version of this.

(Notice the cameo in video by the Elektron Machinedrum !)

It’s look like they’ve been doing their homework on this.

Alter Audio – Timetosser

It will be going on Kickstarter June 1st.


YES!!! I need this exact thing

I do wish they’d try some different names for the device

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how is this any better than a Kaoss Pad for example?

It’s newer ?
If it’s cheap it might compete , as mentioned kpad is under £200 2nd hand , audio into a cheap tr8 will do scatter and octatrack can do this stuff though it’s towards £600+ 2nd hand

But it’s small and convenient , sometimes that’s enough.
Time tumbler
Time twister
Time tamer

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Timetosser is the greatest name for anything ever.


Too me just having buttons as opposed to an xy pad in a tiny device to do beat jumping makes it more appealing than a Kaoss Pad.
If the signal is louder than a Kaoss Pad, even better.

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I like the form factor, other than that it seems a bit limited IMHO
Wish we could have something similar in format, but for transitioning between patterns on Elektron machines:
sampler with different time lengths (say 1/2/4/8 bars), crossfader to shift from input to loop, EQ (lo/mid/hi) for both the input and the recorded loop.
I’ve pitched this idea so many times now… hehe

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Missed opportunity not having a tosspot knob.

And they could have had fun with a bypass switch too, tossoff.



why do the eight buttons trigger the same slice all the time, it makes no sense to have 8 buttons do the same, instead it would have been nice if every button would trigger a different slice in the loop and the ability to record patterns is missing too.

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I thought thats what it was doing, maybe I missed that.
I basically want BeatLookUp functionality in a tiny hardware device

Using it too often makes you go blind


Hi Dibek, Tim here (from alter.audio).
The 8 buttons don’t do the same thing really. Timetosser is basically a quantised audio delay. For every button you move further to the right gives you one extra step of delay in your audio signal (with the steps being selectable to 1/4(T), 1/8(T) and 16(T)). The sound you will hear when pressing a button on the top row depends on when you press it. This way, by playing patterns, you’re able to reconstruct the incoming music rithmically. There will be patterns that you can you can trigger when holding down a button, I’m currently working on a nice way to make these user programmable / recordable. You can always use the MIDI input to sequence it though.


Hi Tim. I like your product, I think there’s probably a pretty good market for it too but you do know what tosser means in the UK and quite a few other territories, right?
This isn’t me having a dig, I actually really like the name, but I’m quite an edgy bastard. Just making sure we’re all on the same page.
Again, genuinely not trying to take the piss. I’d hate for you to put hard work and care into making a product, only to find a bunch of dickheads from the UK, Australia and the like taking the piss because we can’t hear the word tosser without losing our shit.


Oh man, I read the thread, then afterwards watched the video. The one with the young lass saying ‘timetosser’ is pure gold!

Sorry @timistof , but Jazz Jerker, Warp Wanker or Funk Fapper are probably not a good idea either… :wink:

It looks very nice, are there other fx planned for it, like delay with phaser/filter/flanger/decay/reverb/srr etc? Also does it have handling to avoid clicks and pops where the non zero crossing occurs?