The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


Check section 10.4 of the digitakt manual


oh of course… so in the DT you also have velocity - that‘s one option more than on the OT, right?


Has a band pass filter been mentioned yet? Any other filter types would be nice(or an eq).


yes it’s been mentioned a lot :stuck_out_tongue:
by me and other users… we really need this! I hope this is coming on a not-so-distant-future update…


Limited real estate, so obviously there is a need for all the Function and “Other-Shift” and Button Combos. What would be nice is to expose more or all of these combo-button-functions as MIDI events… CCs or SYSEX. Then I could make even more cool features in the DigiPAD, or other custom interfaces.
(What’s DigiPAD? DigiPAD - Launchpad Pro for Digitakt and synths)
I find MUTE tracks so important to performances that I’ve made them available without a “shift” and a slew of other features.


I was wondering if the reason this doesn’t exist is because MIDI timing is not tight enough? I’m not sure though, never tried fast repeats over MIDI


Simple granular synthesis with a few parameters for size and amount.


Just thought of something cool. Not a serious request but it’d be sweet to have a button that repeats a certain number of steps while being held. The catch is while its held any params changed affect the whole pattern and when its released it reverts back to state the pattern was in before the button was held (and of course a way to change the amount of steps being repeated while holding it).


Midi timining on the dt is plenty tight enough. Midi on the dt in general started wonky but has only gotten stronger with every update.


Scale per track is ok now but it will be more sharping with a kind of time strech,cause when i want my sampl 1 in loop with my scale tips on a track,(and its runnig good), if i want an another sample loop(2),some times the way can’t change cause the second need more stretching or, is running with another tempo, that what i feel now.

It have no sense because if u turn your pattern at 100bpm,with your right, scale and lenght on a track, you definitely make it for one part or one pattern.

Or if Elektron could rewind the possibility that tempo can be affect per track…hummm
Or a kind of Timestretch…hummm


I have one more request… some sort of control on input monitor level.
I tried hooking up my Shruthi-1 through the inputs and turning monitor on… but the level is too low, and I know the Shruthi has a lot of volume.
still hoping for stereo monitoring though… but this feature would be useful nonetheless


+1, monitoring level is far too low.


P-Locked triggers blink, but it seems that Conditional trigs don’t count as P-locks, because on their own they don’t make the trig blink. Bug or feature?
either way it would be nice (and consistent) if Conditional trigs would also


Thanks. Yes.


nice plug, well played :slight_smile:

(GREAT work on that DigiPad though, looks awesome!)


some days before i´ve pressed intuitively multiple tracks to adjust the same paramater and forgot that it´s not working by now …


someone else missing this feature?


I like this idea a lot


still adding to this list… I think it has been mentioned recently:
blinking lights on mute mode can get really confusing. there should be at least an option to disable it from config., or have them blink in a different color…

another one that has been mentioned many times: zoom in SRC page is a must


when you hold function and change the tuning or delay time etc. it will cycle through common values. tuning gives you octaves, delay time gives you subs etc.

But this doesnt work when you also hold func. for ctrl all. This should be fixed. Mainly just want to be able to pitch my whole beat down or up an octave without fiddling around with the encoder or setting up fills for all the tracks


Thanks man! It’s just kind of cool, because we could make our own “features” while we wait for official ones.