The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


I wish there was a way to have the metronome only coming out of the headphones output. As a drummer who has this, this would be a dream come true!


2-3 modes of swing would be nice. kinda like what ableton offers with their groove emulation settings but of course not a whole library of options needed.


I wish the Digitakt could accept SD memory cards.

Making it a true drag-and-drop USB drive that I can just drag files to in my file manager would be even better.

  • External MIDI control of Live Recording so that I can start recording with a footswitch while both hands are playing a keyboard
  • External Pitch Bend, Modwheel, Aftertouch recording (pass through at a minimum).

  • Holding PTN and several pattern buttons down while adjusting a parameter sets it across all those patterns.

  • Holding FUNC + BANK while adjusting a parameter sets it for all patterns in the current bank.


for the love of funk please can we have sample zooooom


In live use, removing the BD for a breakdown increases the volume of the pattern as it is no longer compressed, depending on your settings of course.

The volume can be lowered, but the response is not at fast, convenient or consistent as muting.


Ableton Link integration would be nice…a man can dream…


sorry to bulk up this thread but… with some hope that somebody in Elektron is reading this thread, I thought of putting together all the feature requests I’ve been “finding” while discovering the machine.
I’m trying to make it as reasonable as possible (so no timestretching, stereo samples or anything like that:


  • Zoom on SRC page
  • Bandpass Filter
  • 0 - 127 jump on Mixer page when holding FN (works this way on most pages, really helpful on BD as muting it disables the sidechain on the compressor)
  • input monitor level: at least some low-mid-high config in settings like on Analog Heat. that way we could, at least, use a mono source (ie. mono synth) without a mixer. currently the input is too low.
  • on older Elektrons (ie. Octatrack) on MUTE MODE, if you hold FN you could “prepare” mute/unmute states and they would be activated when you let go the FN key. I wish they could add this since it was super useful.


  • stereo monitoring. it would be perfect for live performance (if it’s not hardwired I think it should be possible, although we would definately need that input monitor level option I mentioned above)
  • a button combination to swap tracks: maybe something like the “copy current pattern to another pattern while playing” - this would be great for my workflow - although the way around it could be just copying tracks from the original pattern to a new version.
  • a way to assign a parameter modulation to velocity. there’s 2 empty slots on the TRIG screen, one could be used for that - and it would also compensate a little bit for the lack of a second LFO / destination.
  • blinking lights on mute mode can get really confusing. there should be at least an option to disable it from config., or have them blink in a different color.
  • input through fx. probably the most far-fetched option (even if there was some sort of THRU MACHINE that would take one of the tracks, maybe at the top of the sample list…?) - it would be nice, but I can live without it.

anyway… that’s all I can think of - I think they’re pretty reasonable… If I think of anything else, I’ll might just add it to this post. If you like the suggestions, like the post! maybe there’s somebody listening on the other side :stuck_out_tongue:


Eq per track, midi retrig, midi transpose root note, tempo scaling per track.


Longer delay time please. like two or four times as long!


Note conditions.


I will like the possibility to assign the midi tracks to audio track without the external midi connection.
Func play fonction in direct sampling mode.
Euclidean sequencer…


Yes it will be a good update,and with more polyphonic of course


Probably already been suggested but I’d like to see NOT versions for all of the x:y trig conditions

E.g if I want a trig to play every time except the 4th repeat there should be a !4:4 option.


I think you can do this by placing another trigger before or after, making it a trigless trig (I don’t know if they’re called the same on the Digitakt --> FN + Trig , yellow), applying a 1:4 condition, then on the trig that you wan’t NOT to play put a /NEI condition


That’s a great workaround. Thanks for the tip!


Glad to help :nerd_face:


im sure there is a way to do this but i cant figure it out.

Once you set a trig cond. is there a way to delete it?


Hold the step and the trig will inverting te display , press down on the encoder and it’ll be removed.