The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


microtiming update(4mre possibilities):cb:
it will be so nice !


Fix track scaling.
64 16th notes against 16 whole notes?
That is not too much to ask - the OT does it - it would make these new boxes WAY better.


I find the lights confusing, but that might just be a learning thing as I’m only a few weeks into Digitakt ownership.

However, in Grid mode I can’t tell the difference between Trigs that have conditions (e.g. to be triggered in a fill) and those that haven’t - they are both the same shade & intensity of red.

Perhaps there might be a way of differentiating them via brightness or colour (yea, more colours, why not?)


In grid mode a trig that has a parameter locked to it, for example a trig condition, should blink.


You can do that I forget the command maybe you just hold function while transposing can’t recall


I dont have a synth that responds to cc messages so i cant check. But when you use the control all function, does it also affect the midi tracks?


I’m a Digitakt noob (Elektronoob?), but I have some feature requests already:

  • MIDI: Allow mod wheel, pitch bend, and other control messages to pass through from external keyboards to external synths, using the same auto-channel mechanism as for notes.
  • Sequencing: Allow patterns to be longer, like 8 pages (128 steps) instead of just 4. This would make it much easier to do longer melodic chord progressions, and easier to do arps faster than 16th notes. (would have to modify how the page LEDs work beyond page 4, but that’s not terribly difficult)
  • MIDI: Don’t send the same CC value again if it hasn’t changed.
  • Samples: Allow playing more than 24 steps above or below original note. It would sound weird with some recorded samples, but it should work fine with single-cycle waveforms… and eliminates the need to have single-cycle waves stored at multiple octaves.

And some bigger, more difficult feature requests to help make it OS-independent and future-proofed without depending on special PC software:

  • Add a mode where it acts as a generic class-compliant USB storage device, for managing the contents of the +Drive.
  • Output lossless stereo audio over USB as a class-compliant audio device.

For me at least, class-compliant storage and audio would completely eliminate the need for Overbridge and the Transfer app, neither of which run on any of my computers. And it would reduce the development time needed for Elektron to maintain companion software.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with the Digitakt so far, and I love how it works like a nicer hardware version of a mod tracker, but it has a few rough corners.


I run transfer on a pc with a 1.8 ghz quad core intel atom processor, 2gb of ram, windows 8.1. This is far below the suggested minimum requirements for the application and I’ve never had a single problem with using it.
You should try on whatever computer you do have, it may work.


Transpose please.

And pattern scale 1/4 1/8 1/16 per Track


I did try. The problem isn’t the speed or RAM, it’s the operating system. I don’t want to have to run Windows in an emulator in order to transfer data to/from a Digitakt. For me the point of using hardware is to get away from all that mess.

Basically, if a function requires Windows or MacOS, I will probably never use that function. It’s not worth the headaches involved.


Thanks for replying, but ‘should’ is right, sadly it doesn’t seem to work.

  1. Grid mode - Rec circle and Stop square transport buttons lit.

  2. Press Trigs to have sample triggered on steps - those Trig numbers light up red.

  3. Press other Trigs and add ‘Fill’ condition - those Trig numbers light up red.

  4. Press Play transport button - all Trigs remain red, except when the play head passes over them when they turn white.
    Sadly, no blinking in Grid mode.
    They seem to blink in regular play mode (if the track is un muted).

All I’d like is to be able to tell the difference between altered and unaltered Trigs in grid mode.


There is already a way to tell what trigs have parameters locked to them.
From the manual:

“ To apply parameter locks in GRID RECORDING mode, press and hold the [TRIG] key of a trig (note trig or a lock trig). Use the DATA ENTRY knobs to adjust the parameters you want to lock. The graphics become inverted for the locked parameter, and the locked parameter values are displayed. The [TRIG] key of the locked trig blinks red (for note trigs) or yellow (for lock trigs) to indicate the trig now contains a parameter lock.”

If your trigs are not blinking when you have a parameter locked to them, that is a bug and you should contact elektron support for help.


Looks like a bug then, thanks.


Transfer runs on Mac as well so you don’t need an emulator.

I run a computer less setup, I understand “getting away from the computer to make music”. Using transfer to put samples on the dt is easy and quick. Once you’ve transferred what you need, having a computer around isn’t necessary.

Additionally you’re requesting audio over usb, wouldn’t you need a computer for that functionality to matter?


Bumping this. The people need midi retrig.


Thanks, but I’m not a Mac user either. There’s a lot more out there than just MacOS and Windows.

I did try WINE, but the Transfer app has some unfortunate self-destruct functionality which makes it abort if it doesn’t detect the version of Windows it wants. It would probably work fine if it didn’t check first, but I guess it is what it is.

The next option is to either set up its desired version of Windows in an emulator… or just forget about transferring data. I’ll probably do the latter.


of course there is a lot more options for operating systems out there. But one of the unfortunate outcome of not using one of the “big 2” operating systems is exactly your situation.

Hopefully your request get implemented.


what is midi retrig?


Current the dt can only retrig the audio tracks. Midi retrig would be the same thing but for midi. The ot has it

It would be a great feature for the dt


what is a retrig?