The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


Oh, I forgot about some improvements to the conditional trigs:

  • the important 1:4, 3:3 etc. settings should come first before the percentage
  • maybe I missed something, but is there a setting for trig conditions that lets you play for instance 3 repetitions but NOT the forth, like play, play, play, dont play; or NOT the third but the first 2 and the last one like play, play, don’t play, play (so to speak an inversion of the function)? That would be great. (Skipping beats once in a while is great for some tracks, this should go very far like “skip this trig in the 13th” loop :slight_smile:


there is. I used it a lot lately


OT has midi “trig counts”, similar to retrigs but different… Max 8, equally spaced within the step…


No retrigger parameter, but same trig counts as in the audio tracks.
This time I believe you :wink:


Thanks for this!!!


I like those trig counts. Trigs with ratcheting and condition are great.
At least those could be featured in the dt midi sequencer, but they are missing


Another sorely lacking feature for me is better mass transposition. If I’ve sequenced a whole project in one key and I want to move it to another key, the only way to do so is to manually adjust every trig in the project.

I know I can use multiple fingers to move a few trigs at once, but this is still tedious. I should be able to select a whole track and transpose all of its trigs by an arbitrary amount.


Couldn’t you just just use the “control all” function?

EDIT: nevermind, you only want to do one track


That is a good idea, but yeah the problem is if I have tracks with percussion samples (for example), I don’t want to transpose those – I only want to affect pitched samples and MIDI sequences.


Maybe try using control all to transpose the entire pattern to the pitch you want, save it to a new pattern location, and copy/paste only the track you wanted transposed back to the original pattern as a workaround.


That does sound like a good workaround! I’d still like to have per-track transposition, though.


Would love a keyboard tracked LFO division option like on the analog four!


Forward and back (U-turn) for both sample loop and the sequencer.


Don’t know if already mentioned.
But it seems when using control all, p-locked parameters stick to the p-locked value. So if you want to close the filter for all tracks, those with filter p-locks won’t follow.
So maybe a control all priority…

Or am I completely wrong on that?


Still wanting Pong! On that oled screen…


I’m not sure if this is true for the filter actually, but definitely for some parameters, like pitch. I will have to check this tomorrow.


I think I experienced that with pitch and reverb. It’s lame if your pattern came to live because of many p-locks (which is what elektrons are about) but then you can’t really use the great control all as performance feature.
But really, I’m still new to the DT, maybe I’m wrong.

And as I write this, I’m not sure how the OT handels this with it’s scenes… Have also to check tomorrow


Hi! I have a Digitakt since September and am mostly satisfied with it.
There are lots of cool suggestions and requests, but the thing I ask for the most is the ability to
switch the patterns instantly.

Without that, even with a 2 step ch. length, using the Digitakt in a dawless rig (without any options to set a track delay that I know of) switching the “scenes” in time with Program Change is an annoying game of hit and miss.

multiple conditions per trig, master compressor and a second LFO would be great as well


Copy / Paste playing pattern to new location without having to wait for the pattern to change.


I’d really like to see…

Scales (and root note) added to Chromatic mode

Direct/instant pattern change when receiving a program change

Zoom in the Waveform Editor