The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


I haven’t played much with my Digitakt yet as I’m waiting for Overbridge so I can turn my DAW into some kind of Frankenstein. However, the features I would need the most are:

  • Time Stretching.
  • Ability to load and swap samples into the Digitakt direct from the DAW. Being able to browse my Ableton folders via the Digitakt would be awesome, but simply loading the samples into a channel directly from Overbridge would also be very cool.
  • Band-pass and notch filter types. The notch filter is an important sound design tool for me.
  • PerTrack EQ. Not as important for me as I can do this in the DAW, but for people who use this machine live this is a must.


I’ve had the Digitakt for a month and I am very happy with it - even more than I thought I’d be, in fact! I know that it’s not possible to add features where there is no space for another control. But there’s a few places where we could have more options and it’s easily doable.

  • More filter types: band pass and notch are a must, other ones like comb would be super awesome
  • FWD-REV and FWD-REV LOOP sample playback modes
  • Retrigs on MIDI tracks
  • Save pattern chain as part of a project


All for saving chains but we were promised something better than just saving chains. A viable alternative for Elektron’s song mode, which is hard to imagine. Why not just give us the Elektron song mode?

Which is awesome and highly underrated. Want to jump to bar 3 of a pattern? You can. Program mutes? You can. And much more. I would love to get the standard Elektron song mode on the Digitakt.


A way to copy paste the project ram page would be pretty handy for when you run out of patterns.
Not so much a request for this machine but more fill options would be cool, either using more buttons to trigger different fills or something with a single button layout that would allow you to seperate fills into groups.


An arpeggiator would be awesome. I would like to play samples (in the chromatic mode) as an arpeggio. :slight_smile:


Please allow us to toggle solo from the machine itself. It is very, very annoying to find out weirdness is caused by channels being in solo mode after using a controller. We should be able to see and toggle solo from the machine itself.




I was looking for solo and assumed it was there somewhere but I just hadn’t found it yet LOL


Would love to see this become a reality.




I want to set the pattern change mode from SEQUENTIAL to DIRECT JUMP so i can sync it as a slave to my AR or A4 and use the song mode on one of those devices to trigger patterns on the DT pleeeeeaaaaaseee!!!


My request is that elektron dev work on thé thing they promise before thé end of thé last year instead of pushing new thing out which Will reqjire even more effort to fix, taking us for idiots


What apparently we are if we see all thé " i buy it now" comment, forgiving how we are played…:sob:


Something I’d love to see on the Digitakt is all of the engineers who have been working on the Digitone :smiley:


What i mean


I would like to see the possibilityy to transfer samples made on DT to AR MK1/2 if they are connected via usb. No need of the middle man called computer.


Song mode, obviously.
Also, a warning when you’re removing from the project library a sample that’s currently in use by a pattern (or better, a function to clean up unused samples from a project).


Remove ALL unused samples from project…

1 command and boom! more space created in your project without losing anything.


Really interesting to hear that the processing power has been doubled in the digitone from the Digitakt. I wonder why they needed to do that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Really hoping the updates solve a bunch of issues and bugs.

I’d like to see more filters.
Snap to zero crossings
Ability to edit samples once in the Digitakt
Collect all save - so we can back a project & keep it self contained for the future if you need to wipe your memory.
Ability to back-up
Track out 8 stems live.
Also purge unused as we had with MPC’s
Swing settings per track.


Both the Digitakt and the Digitone has a lot of blank parameter spaces in a couple of pages so I assume there will be a major update for both. Digitakt first ofcourse… my hopes are for a chorus and compressor on the DT and apply effects on the audio in (aspecially for the compressor)