The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


Forgive me if these have been mentioned already, but two features that seem like lowish hanging fruit that would be very useful to me:

  • Let me preview samples in loop mode. Previewing single-cycle waveform samples is useless as-is.
  • Add a “clear un-assigned samples from RAM” feature. I often load a bunch of e.g. kick drums to audition, but only end up using one. I want to be able to immediately remove all samples I’m not using from the project.


Song Mode…:grin:


EQ per audio track
Internal midi ctrl
Retrig on midi tracks
Other types for the filter
Other types of delay and reverbs
Complete Back up / saving / restore +Drive (via OB or/and transfer app)
Ctrl all on/off : per pattern you are able to set Ctrl on/off per track
Solo mode



A million times YES to both these suggestions…


I don’t know if it’s been discussed already or if it’s possible, but it would be nice to have pattern chains considered as a single pattern by the digitakt. It would make CTRL ALL tricks smoother. At the moment, FUNC+NO only reload the pattern playing, meaning you have to do it several time when you want to reload all the chain.
It would also be easier if there was no need to change pattern when editing in GRID mode (a chain of two 64 steps patterns would be like a 128 steps pattern).


i want discrete parameter changes 99 % of the time…


And I want slides 99% of the time. I also want a pony.


Really? For things like volume or filter cutoff too? I’m really curious of what scenarios you’d rather have the parameters abruptly change rather than smoothly.


yes indeed :slight_smile: i can see how this is a matter of taste, and I never enjoyed the implementation of slides on any Elektron machine, so I guess it’s a area that needs work regardless of anyone’s needs
I really enjoy the rhythmic element that stepped modulation introduces, but again I can also see how some users might want to favour smooth modulation. an option to switch between behaviours would be ideal :slight_smile:


An option would be best, but that rhythmic choppy effect you speak of is only interesting occasionally imo. Smooth parameter changes seems much more useful to me.


essentially, i see step modulation as a way to create a rhythm where there wasn’t one before.
not sure if that makes sense, but it’s the easiest explanation i can think of.
i’m not saying i don’t - also - use smooth modulation, but nothing rocks my boat quite like stepped modulation of cutoff frequency of a filter on the brink of self - oscillation :wink:

edit : “different strokes for different folks” is what they say right ? options are always a good way to keep “everyone” happy !! :slight_smile:


After all that work they’ve put into making the digital filter smooth and not steppy? :kissing_heart:

Jk, I respect your point of view.


Yes, smarter snapping would be a great boon. I’d like pitch to snap to useful values 1,2,3,4,5,7,9,12 rather than 0,12,24 or whatever it is.

Scratch that, I didn’t realize you had to push and turn the encoder - I was expecting Function + encoder for some reason.


Same, I also want a pony slide.


Have you messed around with parameter locking the lfo in oneshot mode for slide type effects? it works actually really well once you get used to the idea of it.


Yeah, that works well for one parameter. The sliding p-locks can really help with additional automation in certain instances. The sliding p-locks are one of the first things that really blew my mind about Elektron when I used the MD for the first time right when they came out.


the zooming feature in the waveform editor window is really missing. Octatrack is far superior here. Also with it’s possibility to hold function and set to zero crossing points… It’s really hard for me on the DT to be precise.


It’s such a great feature on the OT. Shouldn’t be difficult to add on the DT then, right?


the as is non-discreet parameter changes would work great with set scales & the pitch parameter… if we had set scales :smile:


Hi! I am new here in the forum. I hope, it is ok, if I just list some features I would love to have, even if they might have been posted somewhere above…

  • “automatic reload all patterns” (perhaps in a shutdown sequence)
  • choice that if I had a session and changed a lot (including deleting notes) - and turn the unit off - it should be the last manually saved state when turning on again (and not the last state before turned off)
  • double (or even single sequential) tapping as choice instead of 2-button shortcuts for everything, for one-handed use. (just like “1 time - caps lock”). The Social Entropy Engine has such a handy mode. Like double tap function then press copy, paste, whatever
  • copy and paste all sounds into an existing pattern at once (=copy sound set)
  • manage sound sets (would be cool, but can live without it)
  • set tracks not only to different track lengths but also to different note lengths (great for chord progressions and real polyrhythm).
  • transpose in edit mode (hey - you can shift the notes horizontally (great feature!) but not vertically?)
  • live transpose for more than one preselected melodical tracks (that would be a killer feature!!)
  • Notator SL like quantization settings (like quantize to 16th AND also triplets)
  • copy whole pattern to new slot and changing to the new pattern immediatly (right now you have to be really quick: copy, go to new pattern, paste - if you’re lucky there is only a short pause).
  • pre-delayed trig (micro-quant) should be played in first loop (right now it is omitted)
  • copy pattern names with the pattern (and automatic numbering)
  • show the whole pattern name in the screen
  • export patterns/tracks/settings via sysex dump, initatied from the digitact (the machine will possibly last much longer than our OSes - had those problems with Nord modular and Yamaha DX200)
  • any kind of export/backup of samples, sounds, settings
  • the easiest chopping - divide by 16, then make automatic triggers in the track with respective start points for the one uncut long sample loop
  • prerecord some milliseconds when sampling with threshold! (just like MPC1000 or S1000)
  • automatic jump to zero crossings with cursors when editing samples (like EMU ESi)
  • higher zoom in sample editing mode
  • honestly - why no simple song mode (list of patterns to be played, number of repeats per step) if you’re already gone half the way with the chain patterns feature? I’d rather buy 2 digitakts than one octatrack
  • memory for note number when deleting trigger and resetting or
  • just stick to the last selected note number when setting triggers
  • same for selected samples in parameter lock (if you want to edit Amiga tracker like - BD-HH-HH-HH-BD-HH-HH-HH… on one mono track it would be great if you could set the BD first, then select another sample slot - or sample start point - and place all the HH - with parameter lock)
  • automatic transient finder for quicker selection of start points within one sample (drum loop)
  • 2x mono mode (hard pan L+R works as workaround only when you don’t use internal effects). In 2x mono mode, the effects would be applied to L OR R according to settings
  • another option would be dry mono out n L and R and stereo out with effects on the phones out
  • different level setting for phones and outputs!! (e.g. per set ratio so you can set both with the master volume knob, but function+master volume would do it also)
  • don’t know if that is possible technically: set sample input to extra physical output
  • USB overbridge breakout-box vor single outs
  • EQ and Compressor per Track

Well, that looks only like a lot :slight_smile: