The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


If there is no song mode, then pattern chaining could be improved by a simple change. Instead of holding down the first pattern and then selecting the further patterns the user ought to be able to hold down the PTN, then select any number of patterns from the active bank to be played. It’s quite irritating that you can’t chain multiples of the first pattern and makes writing simple verse - chorus type of things difficult.

Those familiar with Pocket Operators know what I’m going for.


I think something along the lines of a “creation mode” which would be a quick mode you could jump into while working on a pattern… it would stop the sound if playing but in doing so free up the 8 voices to quickly assign osc style samples and design your own complex drum sounds using multiple layers of samples, envelopes and lfos. You can already sort of do this by jumping to a blank pattern and doing some resampling but it would really interesting to have a mode dedicated to something like that and would push people to be more creative with resampling and potentially give a space for people to assign lfos to lfos to get some more FM style stuff going on. Also if you didn’t plan on using those samples by themselves you wouldn’t need to go through the process of adding samples to layer and resample and then delete from the project once you had the sound you want.


That would be great.


Having a MIDI Track Delay feature would be great. Not just Micro time adjust.

Often times it happens that sequenced midi devices aren’t exactly tight with Digitakt samples, and could do with a global midi delay to get the midi devices inline with the Digitakt.

Considering that the Digitakt is such able MIDI sequencer, I find the absence of MIDI delay feature a great oversight. I mean, how often does it happen that midi devices perfectly sync in without any micro adjustments (or some dedicated MIDI clock) with a DAW, not very often, at least not in my experience.


Digitakt MK2 feature request:

micro SD card reader to save and load sounds and back-up projects — my son’s $30 USD sandisk mp3 player has one… should be a $3-5 USD add-on feature in manufacturing. Implement some code to the OS and voila… problem solved!

8-dedicated outputs via 1/4" phono jacks… hello… this would be huge for the DT, making it the ultra compact beat making powerhouse that it is… take it to the studio and track music properly to outboard mix console. This may make the machine slightly larger in size, but perhaps the geniuses at Elektron can figure this out. I know there is the OT and the Analog RYTM… but these are not quite the same.

Velocity sensitive drum triggers… similar to the LINN DRUM or SP-1200… love the drum triggers on the DT… a soft rubber latex surface (finish) may be interesting. If not, how about an accessory that lets you control the DT easily with a portable set of 16 pads… again, maybe I’m missing this feature from using the Akai MPD16 via MIDI (I own this old set… yes it’s a life saver on your fingers).

A dedicated SONG mode pad. Patterns = Songs = Projects. This is a no brainer… let’s steal some functionality from the OT on this one. Or offer a [FUNCTION] possibility.



Precisely why you would buy a mk2 rather than a mk1


Request- Direct Jump so bad


Real statistics


Thank you…

Song Mode please…:wink:


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Built in arpeggiator would be wonderful for internal sounds and especially for controlling external synths live


Exactly… hence the MK2. Some people don’t read. The DT mk1 is great… but could surely use a few much needed updates on design.


The big ones for me:
-One-band +/- EQ per part, like the MD, to help avoid a muddy mix. Or a master EQ if there aren’t enough pages to accommodate.
-Bandpass filter in the filter section.
-Muting behavior like the MD - mutes take effect when releasing ‘Function’. This also makes soloing a track easier to accomplish.
-Midi Arp that includes the SID mode from the MNM
-Have the LFOs (including midi LFOs) be assignable to any track

-One thing I was also wondering, hardware-wise would it be possible to have the headphone out be assignable? Or is there something preventing that?


Cc93 activates solo but it’s an external control only at the moment. But Utilizing it may also help you with the mute problem you mentioned in the other thread.


Just copy the 1st pattern to a second pattern and you’re good to go :slight_smile: That’s what I have done as a workaround.


Thanks for the response. Looks like CC94 is for track mutes, so I could set up Machinedrum tracks to perform my mutes, but I’d rather not have to do that.

Can you tell me, are you able to mute all tracks at once, or are you experiencing the issue I described?


LFO preset save feature would be cool to build LFO presets; then select them to audition and or apply on any individual project / track #. If this already exists, I apologize… I’m still learning :slight_smile:


Long time lurker, first time poster.

Really enjoying this box but missing some (basic) things:

  • Per track tempo divisions, this would greatly improve the midi sequencing part
  • Parameter glides/slides, really no clue why this has been left out
  • Sample slice/chain support, it’s a sampler it should be able to use slices/chains
  • Song mode, or a way to at least save your chains
  • Sysex dumping, the manual says it’s there, but it isn’t

Other than that some more filter models would be great, and maybe a compressor on the master. Which were hinted by Cenk. I would also love to see insert fx and more lfo’s but I highly doubt that will ever happen.


What he said😁


Full agreement on a master compressor and filter types. I’d also love a proper clipping distortion with post gain compensation, so you could do hard acid-style basslines but tame the overall volume.