The Digitakt Feature Request Thread

DT has USB, so it could handle USB drives. It’s a matter of choice for Elektron. They chose not too. Deluge chose to add SD Card, it even streams audio. Akai chose SD card for MPC ONE. The Octotrack has a CompacFlash card since day one. Makes it soo much more flexible. Storage is cheap and fast nowadays. I just bought a 256GB SDCard that handles 170MB/s for 130EUR.

Needing a Transfer app to transfer samples feels soo outdated.


can’t wait for all this to get implemented. Digitakt v2 is gonna absolutely slap!!

Don’t forget transfer also converts samples to the proper formate for the three machines that use it. So transfer isn’t just about managing storage,

EQ per Channel For Digitakt and Digitone.

FOR EXAMPLE (imagine with the photo:
Square 1: 20bands (Paragraphic and choose the band)
Square 2: Freq micro definition
Square 3: Gain
Square 4: Q
Square 5: Filters Modes
Square 6: On/Off per band…



Yes for some reason I had downloaded an old version of the manual on the iPad, no idea how that happened, anyway, now corrected.

It’s a pity for solo, maybe it’ll come back some day!

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Wishes of the day:

  • I would love one more LFO per track, conceptually I could imagine toggling between LFOs by pressing the LFO button again.

  • MIDI tracks are quite barebone feature-wise I find. I miss retrigs, also transpose.


I had a pad controller configured for mutes and solos for all 8 internal tracks, it was really useful and I do wish that they’d bring it back. I can basically still solo quickly with those pads, I have 10 fingers and there are only 7 pads at most to press when wanting to solo a track, but I wish they’d bring it back!!!

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could be done inside DT as well I suppose…

this makes soooo much sense dude!

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Dear team,
if there would be an implementation of slicing stuff, I would be more than happy.

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There is a good way to do it where you use the resolution of the hold-turn and divide your samples up according to that, and you can spin through your slices precisely by holding down and turning the knob. I forget the numbers though, but someone can probably point you to that thread.

Yeah I’ve been using that for a long time, it is the multiples of 3.75 or 7.5 depending on the resolution of the slices you want.

What I would love though is to have kind of like a slice mode where I could chop up a drum break and then using the chromatic mode or something similar I could trigger different times of the break, playing it like an instrument not programing it in and then listening back for the results over an over you know.

Problem with that is the press-turn resolution is 4, but as figitty said, 3.75 or 7.5 etc is needed to chop 120 (sample length) into 16, 32 etc.

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this applies to DT and DN…

could the LENgth on the TRIG page be added to the LFO as a modulation destination?




It would be cool if the press-turn ratio for start, loop and end could be lowered slightly to 3,75
Or even better; make press-turn ratio for start, loop and end a configurable number/option. (1; 3,75; 7,5; 15 or 30)

Additional feature request: “Fixed length loop sampling” .

  • Before sampling starts it allows you to specify a number of beats in the current tempo. Sampling should end automatically after the specified length, so you end up with a perfect loop
  • Then three options to start sampling:
  1. Direct, by pressing yes (as current)
  2. Threshold (as current)
  3. “wait for pattern restart” which starts sampling exactly on beat 1 of the pattern. (new) This option could be implemented at the end of the threshold range

TRIG + Yes to preview trig, as said many time. It should be the very next feature to implement.
And the killer feature for me would be if we can P-Lock things on the chromatic keyboard. Instead of using the keyboard to play the pitch, have a mode to play whatever on each pad and then this will record with the plock on the live record. This will add a lot of expression and for the hip hop chopping, setting a start pos on each pad will be the killer feature.


Multiple simultaneous trig conditions (there are even two unused boxes in the trig menu)