The Digitakt Feature Request Thread

i just got my digitakt and am loving it.

but i would love it even more if it had:

  1. slicing. this makes so much sense given that most users are doing this manually per trigger. maybe holding down the buttons that get you into chromatic mode can be used to put you into a separate slice page.

  2. Loop page. Given the fact that i end up making sample start time changes per trigger, i would love to be able to loop a page (1-4) instead of listening the the whole 4 bar loop from start every time to just hear a specific trigger im editing.

  3. Time stretch. allow the ability to stretch samples. This also makes a lot of sense to me given that the digitakt is a very deep sampler. I see a lot of users using the digitakt for deep sonic exploration as so time stretching fits perfectly in that tool set.


Being able to choose which Page loops (per track) instead of either the first, or first and second etc… would grand!

This way, I could have 4 different 16 steps sequence for one track, and choose which one is looping, or let the whole thing loop. That would open a lot of ways to improvise structure. Right now, we need to create a new Pattern for that.

I could imagine (just for inspiration) that pressing and holding the Track button, then a short press on the Page button cycles through pages to choose which one loops. A long press would go back to looping the whole pattern. Or something of the kind :slight_smile:


I like the idea of using the chromatic keyboard creatively with plocks!

Trig preview with TRIG + Yes would also be great indeed, to hear what’s on that step (took me a while to understand what you meant, this would work in step record mode only right?)

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Absolutely! I’d love to have a trig say, play once every two bar AND not when FILL is engaged, for example. Right now it’s either/or.

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Sorry for the spam, but I made a little video demonstration of what TRIG+YES would look like if it was implemented:


Yes, look at @Eaves video to see what it is if it was implemented.

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Yes, I had see that I believe. It’s too well done though, it looks like it already works :wink:


Fun news :slight_smile:

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Haha! That was fast!! :smiley:

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top-3 features in this thread agains not realised?

Mission successful! Thanks for your advocacy Ivar! Digitakt 1.20 & Digitone 1.30

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Haha, thanks @naught101! I’ve been playing around with it for a while, and they implemented it perfectly :slight_smile:. I like holding 4 trigs at a time and p-locking stuff, then releasing 1 trig and p-locking further, repeat until all 4 trigs have a smoothly ascending or descending p-lock. When holding all 4 trigs and pressing YES, it will preview the left-most trig, which is exactly what I hoped for :smiley:.


I played with Trig preview yesterday. It’s so nice to make a drum loop from a drum break. I love it. It’s fast and sometime, when you srambled so much the break, you don’t remember which is wich. Now, it’s easy to remember.
This update really add character to the DT. It’s now a solid alternative to MPC. It have his own way of putting thing together, and that’s why I love the DT and I will always prefer work with it than the DAW or MPC.
The new step record mode also help a lot to make good bassline :slight_smile:


This is exactly how I feel about the update too, @blaize! I’m looking forward to incorporating the step record mode into my workflow. It seems very nice for basslines, but also arps!

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There really needs to be random pattern generation for each trig, I am new to the Digitakt and Digitone but know you can randomise parameters in say the Digitone to come up with random sounds, well you need to add randomness to rhythm and melody generation.

Example, Digitakt, 16 step pattern, set number of trigs to populate the pattern with an encoder, so set 1 to 16 kick drum hits in a 16 step pattern, then randomise the placement of the hits in the pattern until you get something you like, rinse and repeat for other sounds and you come up with rhythms you would never hear dialing in trigs manually, I can do this in Ableton and it’s fantastic for blocks in creativity.

This would open up the digitakt to limitless groove creation, I’m very surprised it’s not already a feature, and it could work just as well in the Digitone.

Just have to throw this one out there yet one more time. If there’s any dsp left to squeeze in that second filter, the DT would be beyond perfection.


Or a couple of additional filter types…


or both: more filter types and a second filter.

I love to be able to filter out low end or high end frequencies while using another filter more as an effect…

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I’d prefer a second filter over additional filter types personally.

I think @ess mentioned some time ago that the dsp is almost maxed out on the DT so squeezing both in might be a bit too much to ask :wink:

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Same here, I’d prefer a second filter than more types.

Not to be a smartass :blush: but actually an additional filter might not be possible if the cpu is already running at full capacity, while other type might fit as it would still us only one filter at a time.

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