The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


As much as I’d like to see DT get some attention, i’d be surprised if it gets any more features at this point. We’re 2 years in now and the current non-beta OS is almost a year old.


That truee AK and A4 have a lot of empty boxes…and nothing happens…:sob:


I think you should prepare to be surprised… all you need to do is look at the update history of all other Elektron machines and you will see the future…


I always wished they would implement a modulation source for Velocity - that way you could compensate a bit about having only one LFO per track, while adding variation without adding more process power…

of course other things like BPF, zoom on source page, etc. (basically what we’ve all been saying forever) are more important…

I wish they would tell us that they’re at least trying to implement new features…


That would be pretty dope. I often use the Sample Volume with an lfo for more humanized hi hats and percussion which works well for the most part.


I 'd love the samples pitch shifted steps (accessible with the shift button while turning the knob) to shift in octaves added / substracted to the in user fine tuned value instead of 0/+12/-12/+24/-24 . ( the delay time knob works this way)
for exemple, if I need to tune a sample at 0.56 to be in tune with other tracks,
turning the knob with shift, would give me +12.56 -11.56 -23.56…
that would allow greater flexibility when using it with tonal material. such as bass samples or chords. this would allow to tune the sample once and for all.


i want a function for the identification of the unused sample in the RAM and in the drive.


The possibility to mark different flags for samples on the overbridge.


Ability to save and load MIDI Sounds in the Sound Browser pretty pretty pretty super duper prettiest ever please. Would save all settings of the MIDI ‘sound’ + a name.

I mostly just wanna recall sets of CCs via the sound browser instead of manually assigning them over and over.

Extended bonus round: ability to save named CCs with the sound.


Around-the-world-cruise-mega-bonus-round: instrument definitions in a simple text file ala Pyramid. Looking up CCs when you just wanna automate the decay of some synth is a buzzkill.

Digitakt wouldn’t need to support “Instrument Definitions” as a separate concept per se; it could just use the CC definitions in the text file based on the current track’s MIDI channel when selecting and labeling them.


Same thing would be possible to save/reload track sequences and grooves


If CPU is tight, and it were possible, I would gladly give up the compressor when I want to use the input with effects. Especially if I could devote a MIDI track to controlling it ala A4. :grin: :rainbow:


First box: Select a MIDI track to use as a control source (without using external loop back, that is).
Second box: While holding a trig key, press that knob to see a list of p-locks on that step. :slight_smile:


The ability to turn off normalization when recording would be nice.


Please @Ess scale per track :wink:

Update including more filter types?

I would like to come back on this feature request. I don’t believe it would be that hard to implement, and would really bring the Digitakt to another level, being able to route several MIDI tracks LFOs and plocks to an audio track !
Please @Ess and @Olle make it happen at some point : these unused MIDI tracks could actually do some good !


Yeah - this makes so much sense that one wonders why it still hasn’t happened yet - presumably all they need to do is make sure that midi feedback loops are defeated - perhaps automatically reserving a channel for midi in and a different channel for out.

To those who warn that the DT cannot apparently handle more realtime processing - the fact that it can already send midi and cc info while at the same time responding to external midi inputs surely negates this line of argument.


Well, a MIDI cable loop works so yes, the unit can handle it.


Serious feature request: embedded Ikea name generator, so I don’t have to name patterns.


Not a bad idea! And a serious response: wouldn’t it be nice, if nothing else, if the patterns were automatically named with the time and date, or creation date. This would be really useful when going back through patterns when you’ve iterated quickly.

Of course the Digitakt would need a clock set (I don’t think it has a sense of time currently?) but that’s surely a very basic function.