The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


This 100%. Even being able to set the normalisation level/parameters would be fantastic.
Sometimes I want to boost the volume while normalising but not a lot… other times, I don’t want it at all!


Screen saver like digitone and mk2 boxes please :slight_smile:


What is the difference between the current screen saver on the dt and the mkii stuff?


Actually the digitakt screen saver consist in lowered intensity after a moment with no activity. The screen doesn’t shut down like on digitone or mk2 boxes.


Ahh interesting. Hopefully that will make its way over.


I would love it if the Digitakt became class compliant with iOS devices.


That app stopped working because the developer stopped updating it and sort of disappeared from the interwebs.


Midi LFOs would not be transmitted until the sequencer is running. Please :pray:


Apologies if mentioned before (surely they have been).

  1. Input monitoring in stereo routed to the master compressor (Is it even possible?). The DN can do it, surely the DT can too with an update. Make it similar to the AR. PLEASE!

  2. SAMPLE MANAGER! Having to make meticulous hand written notes of every sample assigned to every trig is ridiculous. There must be a better way.


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Digitakt MK2 with stereo samples, pitch and time & song mode. The crossbreed between Digitakt & Octratrack.
I don’t have much hope for any significant updates to the current one.


Would prefer they finished the Digitakt before even entertaining the idea of a Mk2.
Not everyone has €700-800 to drop on a new machine, especially when the Digitakt is so close to being completed.

It would really feel like abandoning their current user-base and a bit of a cash grab tbh!


an update with stereo samples and song mode… a dream :slight_smile: but I would have a big suprise soon, I’m waiting the next update


Saving patterns with sounds . Is it possible on octatrack?


The only thing I really long for is xfade looping, being able to scan through the file in a granular way would be fantastic. It’s only really useful for glitchy stuff currently. Or just to discover an interesting oscillator Through exploring a waveform. I’m quite surprised it’s not there really.


No it doesn’t do it, you only have 4 parts per bank which contain everything including scenes except the pattern.


I want a dual cold fire processor conversion kit. … :massage_man:t2:


I’m trying to use the digitakt with a guitar, I bought an analog drive pedal which is pretty nice… I can control and sequence parameters of the analog drive with one of the midi channels. Very cool. Seymour duncan makes a few delay/reverb pedals that have a midi input. They are kind of expensive though.

Anyway, with the lack of money in my life, I was thinking it would be nice to route the inputs on the digitakt directly to one of the sample tracks - instead of playing a sample, it could directly process an input making it a sequencer/effects processor…?

I tried looking for repeats but this thread is enormous…


I’d prefer more updates to the current one too, but as I’ve understood there’s not many CPU cycles left to do much. So my wishes for the Digitakt must probably come in an MK2 with upgraded HW instead.
Btw, what do you consider not finished on the current one? Except for OB still being in beta of course.


It has poor sample management and backup, which considering the small memory capabilites is a real drag on the otherwise fast intuitive workflow.