Update including more filter types?


Just on the off-chance that further opinions are being sought for the suggestions above from Ess, I’d chime in to say that Option 1 of having an alternate base/width filter option would be double-plus good from my perspective.


I would be up for dropping the bit reduktion for another filter or an eq


Noooo, i love the Bit reduction! It adds that extra lofi sizzles to my emulated tape loops.


I feel it always needs a bit of correction/filtering in the treble to really work :face_with_monocle:


Nothing is going to be removed of course.

As for other features, saying that one thing is possible does not rule out the other. :slight_smile:


So in overbridge (digitakt for me), did anyone notice you can map filter type onto the lfo but you can’t do that on the hardware, I thought that was interesting.


but when ???

I’m waiting so long next update with new features as more filters or song mode :face_with_raised_eyebrow::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think some changes might be “pending” during the transition between overbridge 1 and 2; remember that there’s “official” and “beta” firmwares to maintain at the moment. Probably when the beta firmwares go into the current “official” line it frees the way for device specific feature updates


I made a feature request for this, my idea is:
an option in SETTINGS where you could switch between STUDIO / LIVE mode (or something along those lines), where STUDIO mode would have the current options in the DIRECT (sampling) screen. If set to LIVE mode, sampling would be disabled and instead you would have input gain control, stereo monitoring option and, if possible, FX routing.
Seemed like the most CPU friendly approach to me.


Haha, what is happening? We‘re thankfully getting semi-official statements about a new filter on the Digitakt and people are seizing the opportunity to request more things :tongue:


I will be very happy just to get a width filter. even if it’s not resonant, even if it’s implemented as an alternative to the HP/LP.


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“the prophecy is true”


You could also use several fixed/precalculated values in a LUT. 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150 -> for high pass and equally for low pass. No extra cost over static.


One way would could be using fnc to access second filter that would work får adding a second lfo also


im pretty sure a second filter or LFO is out of the question


Second filter isn’t entirely out of the picture. See comments above :wink:


A second filter would make the DT soooo much better (I know I’ve said it before), I’ve reverted back to the OP-1 for that very reason.
We sample from such different audio sources these days that it’s really important to be able to sculpt tone as much as poss. Also having 8 tracks to play with, you have to be able to have such editing options.
I mean the world isn’t going to stop if we don’t but the OP-1 has it, my old MPC1k has it, I’d love for the DT to have it as well!


Base/Width, 2 band EQ, something along those lines.


A second filter and LFO + scale per track would really be incredibly fantastico!