The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


This is true but even before release hints were made that features that seemed missing would be added, the sound pool was an added feature but the comp was a late arrival. Along side this, many exsisting Elektron owners have stated that Elektron allways delivers on updates and I can speak from personal experience when I say that based on what I had read prior to buying the Digitakt I thought updating exsisting machines was an expected part of Elektrons road map and one that arguably might sway a decision to make a purchase for some. So although I agree that you shouldnt buy something if it has important things missing, I understand why there is an expectation of more based on history.


I use an LCXL with my DT on occasion. The trouble you’re having with the levels will likely be the same with any other drum machine.
The way I have found around it is to nudge the faders or pots slightly to have the DT parameter update to the physical position on the controller. Of course this is best done when a track is muted in order not to get a big, unnecessary surprise.

There are so many things that the Digitakt can do that it’s competition can’t, that it’s place is earned in my studio. Depends on how you work though.


I think it’s really cool with the midi loopback trick, you can see the LFO moving the parameter in real time on one of the tracks. But why doesn’t the built-in track LFO show any animations? It’s hard to dial in the timing of the LFO purely by ear especially with more niche uses and multiple parameters to play around with.

I’d rather be able to see and hear the LFO together, for ease of use and comprehension. Not to mention any moving parts on the screen adds a little life to it. Given that this already exists in the unit through MIDI control it should be easy to implement overall, no?


Aye, it’s fine to hope for new features and to speculate on here, but people should also be prepared for disappointment if their particular feature needs aren’t met by updates or hearsay doesn’t come true. Just don’t get the moaning that X can’t do Y when it was never specifically stated by Elektron


You mean like real life!? hehe


Exactly :sweat_smile:


For me, one big factor is how much you value Overbridge (OB).

It seems very likely that Elektron is dedicating a lot of cycles to get OB to public release. That would slow down firmware updates if it’s the same software staff.

For those not interested in OB, it makes perfect sense that it would be disappointing to get updates less often.

For me I have high interest in both firmware updates, and OB updates. If they told me they need 6 months to get OB and 1.11 out of beta, I’m content with that.

I have some faith that they are not done with DT, and will give it love in the future.
Maybe I’m foolish :sweat_smile:

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Is it possible to opt in to the beta somehow ?




OverBridge Hardware Request:

It would be amazing if Elektron released a mixer which utilized Overbridge.

You connect your digitakt via USB and it tracks out to the channels on the mixer. Very similar to the Roland Aira MX, but next level.


That goes for both sides, doesn’t it? To be fair, a company should only sell a product with exactly the features it got and not with what may be added to it in a couple of years or so :wink:
And when I bought it I could (it said) live record retrigs. Since then it has disappeared from the manual.


I’m playing the DT with the Nord Drum 3P. It should be amazing but ends up being fairly frustrating.

Velocity sensitivity on the DT would really wake up the sound engine. Filter envelope is an obvious destination. I use FM-like LFO + ramp on the attacks, and velocity routing to LFO depth would make the amount of “crack” more responsive. Pulling the HPF down on hats is a nice trick.

retrig on MIDI notes.

I would like to address the MIDI tracks with a given note as you can with the audio tracks. ND3 doesn’t address notes per channel. I’m getting a MIDI processor to work around this. To be fair, this is Nord’s fault more than Elektron’s.

Stereo through. The amount of gear you have to slug around matters.


I know these are not possible at the moment but I wonder if it was just an oversight or possibly even a bug.

Does anyone know a little more about how retriggers actually work? Are they literally just re-triggering the note multiple times? If so I don’t see why this wouldn’t be possible and expected of the midi tracks as well.

Alternatively, I’m wondering if the sample tracks could be used to sequence midi in Ableton by just turning their volumes down. Do they generate any kind of outgoing midi?

I was hoping to use the DT as a standalone fun box but also as a sequencer for my Ableton DrumRacks to make use of the inspiring Elektron sequencer and its retrigger abilities as opposed to wrestling with the piano roll which I am not a fan of.


Create a support ticket and put it to Elektron.
They don’t monitor this forum.

I’m sure it isn’t an ‘oversight’ or a ‘bug’.


Yeah I’ll submit one.


Only one of their boxes has midi retrig, the OT. It’s not an oversight or bug, it’s design decision.


OT doesn’t even really have midi retrig with adjustable settings and whatnot like it does for audio tracks. It has “trig counts” for midi tracks which allow you to have up to 7 repeats (for a total of 8 quick notes) that are evenly spaced between the sequencer trigs. Non of the boxes have full midi retrig…


I understand many of the things that were left out to create a new creative space and workflow for the Digitakt.

This one, however, does not make sense to me.


no, but you can copy a track’s triggers and paste them to one of the 8 midi tracks


So technically, no elektron box has midi retrig, and it can’t be really be viewed as a missing feature in the other boxes.