The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


I’m thinking out loud without testing (on AR as I don’t have DT but often Elektron is Elektron)…
What I was thinking is that the first condition with the lfoT and trig lock would start the lfo when you press play as desired, but then not reset it every pass as it was a first condition. And yeah, the microtime trick is just for if you already have a trig on step 1 so don’t want to put a first condition there…


There is a 1st conditional trig, why isn’t there a last conditionbal trig?

Ok, I know you are going to say, but we don’t know when that will happen on a loop. Maybe if I ask for a ‘change trig’ instead, so the trig only fires when a pattern change has been initiated.

That way we can improve pattern changes by embellishing the current pattern on the last loop before a change. How cool would that be?

It would also give the ability to send midi data to set external gear before the next pattern occurs so devices are ready on the first beat of the next pattern. (which is the original reason for this request).

Anyway, I look forward to seeing this implemented soon as you just know it’s a great idea.

p.s. it applies to all boxes that have conditional trigs, not just the lovely Digitakt


Why not use fill if you just want it to be used as a pattern change condition? Just hit fill before you change pattern and it should do what you are asking, unless I am missing something?


I had thought of that, but sometimes I want the fill to do other things instead. Besides, I’m no octopus and maybe twiddling with something else after I have initiated a pattern change.




Shortcut to load project. Similar to Func+Src. Load Project is buried far too deep in the menus. Suggestion Func+Bank goes directly to Load Project.


or Rytm!


I would love if there was a page button that allowed you to assign more than 8 Midi CC Outs. The creative control in the box would be greatly increased when used alongside external hardware.


You can set more than one track to the same midi channel to get more than 8 cc of midi control per channel. It sacrifices a track but sometimes its worth it.


That is true. However, 7 of my midi tracks are already in use with the 8th soon to be in use when I get my Digitone. Of course, the Digitone does also have Midi Tracks, so that will open me up for more expansion.


I would be content with any form of a feature update. An extra lfo, new filter type, some type of resonator or new effect. Awesome box but could use a few more tools.


i’m not quite 100% on how this works… is it kinda stacking “not PRE” conditions so you can make it a very long chain?


Not sure I’m following you here, can you elaborate? (also thank you for your comment on Youtube!)


Sorry, probably being a bit obtuse - I just don’t quite exactly get how you can build a long sequence of pattern changes using the MIDI loopback trick?

is it just a case of using conditional trigs on the MIDI track? or am I missing something really obvious?


I don’t have a digitakt so someone can correct me if i’m wrong.

You’re right on the money with conditional trigs. So imagine you have a MIDI track and on the first page of the pattern you put a conditional trig 8/8 that only plays on the 8th loop of the pattern. You set this trig to send a CC message to change pattern on the digitakt. On the next pattern you set up your next pattern change.

I guess things get trickier if you want to revisit a pattern. If you used other tracks I guess you could mute the first one to allow the next pattern change? @AldoVino is the reigning monarch of loopback technique, as evidenced by their beautiful youtube series.


I take it you mean polyrhythms, right? Digitakt does polymetrics just fine.


@the_duckchild Oh I thought you were replying to another post of mine, aha, that’s why I had trouble understanding the question, I’m bad at internet communication sorry!

Anyway, the pseudo-Song Mode that you can build with the MIDI loopback relies on Program Change messages. The Digitakt is designed to switch between pattern when receiving a Program Change. For example, when receiving the Program Change value 4, it will switch to pattern 4. All you have to do is set a trig (or a trigless trig) on one of your MIDI track and give it a Program Change value with parameters locks.

Unfortunately you cannot build a classic pattern chain with this technique, if you send several Program Change messages in a row, the Digitakt will only remember the last one and switch to the corresponding pattern. So you have to set this little trick in every pattern : tell the Pattern 1 to switch to pattern 3, tell pattern 3 to switch to pattern 6, etc. Also you wanna make sure that your Digitakt is both sending and receiving Program Change (MIDI Config > Sync) and you need to specify which channel you’re sending your Program Change messages (MIDI Config > Channels > Prg Chg In Ch).

As @Merv said, it gets complicated when you want to use the same pattern several times with different “destinations” each time (for example 1 > 2 > 1 > 3). As he suggested, you can set different Program Change on different track and mute/unmute tracks so that a different values is sent each time. It does work but gets mind-boggling really quickly. Another option is to simply duplicate the pattern (you have 128 of them so that shouldn’t be an issue), it’s just annoying because if you make changes in the original pattern, you have to remember to update all the copies.

Also thank you for the kind word @Merv, aha, that’s too much! The Loopback Realm is a beautiful place, this little trick unlocks so much potential!

Anyway, hope this helps. :slight_smile:


ah, brilliant, yes of course, I knew I was missing something really obvious (I didn’t think about the fact that when it switches pattern it would be a different MIDI pattern)

thanks for taking the time to explain it to my tiny brain.



I’m going to sell my Digitakt.

I thought it was an awesome drum machine because of updates capabilities but nearly nothing was done except fixing bugs and one compressor. It is a very good piece of hardware but if I can’t control it with an external midi controller like a XL LaunchControl and control the mixing levels for live performance it is a good bye for me. Actually the mixer is stuck per pattern so once you change pattern your control don’t coincide the levels.

Come on, this isn’t how a mixer should work at all. Give us an option to controll this mixer ! This request is from may 2017 and nothing has been done.
The digitakt would be awesome if the program was open source.

This is not the only reason pushing me to sell the digitakt, the other reason is that they launch new products with new features (model:sample) that actual products could do with an update. Instead of upgrading the actual ones with updates they release new toys.

I hate this “Apple” mind pushing the consumption of new products, good bye elektron


To be fair, you should only buy a product if it does exactly what you need at the time and not rely on things being added to it. Updates (if they do come along) should be regarded as a nice extra imo