The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


Wait, with re-triggering turned on?


Yep. I never really thought “Its in other boxes so it should be in this one.”

More along the lines of “This is present in the sample tracks. I see no reason that it wouldn’t by default also be present in the midi tracks.”

Its just a tool to repeat a note at a given rate/division and for a set amount of times. You can max the tempo of the DT while generating midi trigs and it handles the quick succession of notes well.

I’m going to choose to see it as an oversight until told otherwise out of optimism. I think if we frame this from a common sense “Why shouldn’t these trigs work like the others” there may be a chance of some change on this.

I’m also trying to understand where the bottleneck could be on this. Maybe CPU?


You can choose to do what you want, as is your luxury when you’re a sentient being, however if you’re awaiting a designer or engineer to come into this thread and explain the Why’s and wherefores of each decision, then I feel you’ll be waiting a longtime.

There was a thread recently, where Simon gave his email address and invited questions. Maybe that’s your way forward.


The elektron internal audio sequencer isn’t run by midi afair. So it’s not just a take the code from the audio tracks a give it to the midi tracks.


Bottleneck is the midi cable/protocol I imagine. Imagine having all 8 midi tracks full of trigs with fast lfo’s and then turning the retrig up for all tracks. All the sudden it’s like dozens of times as much midi data, and at uber fast speed.

Don’t get me wrong I’ll take it if they can add it… Just speculating on why it’s not there, not even on OT…


Yeah, both of you guys are making sense to me. I thought it would be a lot closer to the sample page trigs in design.


I’m thinking of some alternatives in the meantime like setting up beat repeats in ableton that I could control and plock via the DT.

There also might be a Max4Live device that would literally act as a midi re-trigger that I could give up a few CC knobs to control.

Or even just Ableton’s built in ARP could be configured to do this kind of stuff actually! Shit, and beyond really. . . :thinking:

Damnit Elektron, once again something I thought was a shortcoming is leading to new creative ideas fixes that might be cooler than the thing I wanted in the first place.

(I still stand by wanting this addition though.)


no. but you can get part-way to what you asked via copy-pasting a sequence to a midi track. it will copy the triggers’ positions, note pitch, and trig conditions. unfortunately no velocity data is copied over. and obvs no retrig data.



Trig + yes to preview p-locked step!

  • scale per track !!


We will have NOTHING!!!


Please i am bassist, i need my hands ! I have a pedal for the DT.
Can you include in midi message “next” and “preview pattern” and “fill”.
thanks !


This has been asked a thousand time but I will ask again :

Could we get the external input to go through the Delay and Reverb? I recently learned that is was available on the Digitone and it makes me so jealous, aha, the Delay and Reverb in those machine are just beautiful.

Does anyone know if this question has been addressed by Elektron around here? Would this be technically possible or should I sell a kidney to buy a Strymon?


It’s not been addressed as far as I know but it’s a real shame, one of my favourite things to do is grab an Elektron and another synth on the sofa or whatever and run the synth into the Elektron, using it as a “mixer” and to add effects to the synth. Nice, casual, simple setup for a little jam.

This can’t be done with the Digitakt - while you can monitor the signal in mono, you need a pedal or whatever to add effects. It compromises the neat portability aspect when compared to the Digitone and as a result I use the latter much more, while the Digitakt gathers dust.

I do recall reading that the Digitone has twice the cpu power of the Digitakt but that shouldn’t be a factor really as there’s only a single instance of the delay and reverb so it shouldn’t use any more cpu to allow you to send the monitor to it. Maybe it’s a streamlining UX thing but I think Elektron need to allow the Digitakt to be box it could be (eg this feature, scale per track) even if it makes the UI a little more complex, especially now the M:S is there to cover the ultra simple end of the market. Maybe @Ess can comment on this specific feature?


I’m in the same situation, I love minimal setup and the ability to blend an external synth with the Digitakt mix would make it so perfect<3 Anyway, thank you for your answer, that’s interesting stuff. I don’t know much about CPU and DSP but yeah at first glance it feels possible to implement. And if the CPU power really is an issue, maybe we could have the option to “sacrifice” an audio track and have the external input take his place? Just an idea


Yeah I thought exactly the same about sacrificing an audio track! I’d also love to be able to trade two mono tracks for one stereo track for atmospheric sounds etc


I hope there is CPU power left for it, but it’s tight. I think it would be a great addition to the DT but cannot make any promises.


Thanks for the reply man, appreciate it! :crossed_fingers: there’s CPU left for a base/width filter option at least :wink:. All the best!


Why? It’s objectively either an oversight or a deliberate and unnecessary limitation. Which would, to all intents and purposes, be an oversight.