The Digitakt Feature Request Thread



Is Loop type a destonation for the LFO? can’t remember…

if it was you could probably work around it by setting up an LFO to switch from fwd mode to back mode at the right speed?


Ty duckchild for the reply, have to try but sounds a bit complicated.
Back in the days Akai had the forward reverse loop function, pretty handy for looping short chordsampled pads for smoother loop transitions or just as a effect.


tbh, I’m not sure it is an LFO destination anyway…


Yes you can assign LFO to “play mode” but it’s a bit difficult to get the right LFO depth, also you could p-lock play mode, but if you want a more “randomized” condition you need to use LFO.


Assuming you’ve maxed out your 64 steps, why not create two indentical patterns except one plays forward and the other plays in reverse? Then either chain them to play one after the other or use the Midi Out to Midi In trick to send the pattern changes. Could work :face_with_monocle:


Random lfo to the play mode destination is one of my favorite things to do and should get results similar to those shown in the video. Tweak lfo speed to taste.


i’d really like to see the option to turn off sample interpolation when repitching .wavs, as of now the samples are filtered when pitched up or down and a lot of the samples i use to compose are 8-bit.

would also lend toward more sound design opportunities since you could retain the sound of a low sample rate without a dedicated sample rate parameter (which would also be nice!).


The Digitakt has given a lot to new devices. It even gave its sampling engine to the AR mk2. Now it’s time the Digitakt receives some back from those newer devices. At the very least the sequencer could to be on par with the Model:Samples.


How does the MS improve on sequencing? Curious, as I’m about to get a DT.


I agree with you but I would add that, in this case, users are contributing towards an already existing design. Most of the hard work is already done so users are requesting design additions to create functionality as opposed to fundamentally altering the device.


It adds track scale multipliers and maybe something else?, but also lacks many of the features that make the Digitakt so flexible. Digitakt with track scale mutipliers would be a big improvement for a seemingly small upgrade.


Tempo scaling per track for one. Chance is another nice one.



I don’t think it would be hard to implement and it is so essential for live mix!

I use midi faders for each channels of the Digitakt (like a Launchpad XL) but the fact the tracks volumes doesn’t stay the same according to the faders when I change pattern is too frustrating so I can’t jam with this workflow… Please make an option for this ! The mixer is useless actually…

I take this opportunity to say that a band pass filter or 4 band EQ would be great !

But please the mixer is so essential… It kills my workflow… I’ll go for a TR8S if nothing is done…

I really don’t get it, why the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: do we have a mixer if we already have 2 possible way to the affect volume per pattern :
-Volume Sample
-Volume Amp


This is not how a mixer should work !


When using the DT I would like to be able to see which tracks have sequence data in them, in much the same way that the pattern lights on those patterns with pattern data in them. At present when I hold down the TRK button- all the track lights come up white apart from the red one being the active one. Could you make the track button perform in the same way that the pattern does - white for patterns with data, red for active and off for empty.


for all boxes really…

  • CC value for FILL
  • CC value for SOLO [put back, but with UI and trig lights for it :wink: ]


I like the DTs workflow pretty much. But please Elektron finally give us a bandpass filter (you did it great with the DN). But Its horrible not be able to high pass some super low frequencies or get rid of harsh high frequencies, without loosing the filter as a creative tool.
Just add the 2nd filter page like on the DN! <3


It may have already been mentioned but, now that it’s an option in Model Samples…

Brightness Adjustment for the Digitakt Screen and Buttons please.


I guess I can make this happen by p-locking an LFO on the trig (can I?), but it would be cool if the retrig page had an encoder that controlled a pitch envelope over the retrigs - left for lower, right for higher… similar to the one on ableton’s “beat repeat”


They could do a whole bunch of cool shit to retrigs (and not just on DT). In addition to pitch changes, they could employ a filter to progressively darken or brighten the repeats, an autopanner to send them off somewhere else in the stereo field, conditional/random settings for the retrigs, more or less bit reduction for retrigs, etc. If they added even just half of what AudioDamage’s Replicant can do, that would be insane: