The Digitakt Feature Request Thread

The ability to route the LFO to control Step Length



  • note repeat on midi-tracks
  • cc-value naming, saving of midi-channel configuration (already posted)

A method for looping single cycle waveforms when auditioning via Fn+Yes.


ability to trig/plock all lfo parameters per step as theyre all track based , not global…probably requested before.
midi cc for reload pattern
midi cc for swing value.

a proposed road map of any intended features , any update on progress for overbridge.

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Ok so moving files around, orginization and delteling files needs a pretty good overhaul. As it is currently it basically means you have to create a folder where you want to move things to then go in open a folder select all and then select to move them then go to the folder you already made and pick that as the spot to put them. If you want to delete a folder you have to go into the folder and first delete everything with in it then back out and delete the folder. Some really clumsy file management… especially because we can’t access the files with a computer yet to move them around add and delete things in bulk. I loaded in a bunch of stuff early on just for testing purposes that I am now spending hours deleting thing that are well organised in folder structures which should really only take minutes at most if not seconds.


I would love have the separate Transport Send/Receive settings back, and am unsure why this was removed after 1.02. Sometimes you don’t want to start/stop/pause your external gear. Has anyone else found this frustrating?


SUUUPER frustrating. I can’t use clock send in my live set up anymore, because having the sequencer on my JX-03 running screws up the notes. Even if the sequence is empty. :rage:


I wish you could turn the “midi thru” port to an additional “midi out port” to sequence two different pieces of external gear at the same time.


Completely agree. 1.02 had it right. Would love to just be able to send clock again.


Don’t know if was mentioned already, triggering loops by hitting the trigger once instead of holding it down.

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As far as I can tell, Digitakt doesn’t recognize embedded loop data when importing samples? If not, I would love for this to be addressed, as it’s a drag to re-loop all of the sustained samples I’ve made over the years.

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I just received my DT so I never knew this was once a feature. Bring it back please!


I would love to have a way to save MIDI settings on a MIDI track just as you would save a ‘Sound’ (sample plus track settings). Unless there is already a way to do this, in which case, could someone advise? :slight_smile:


Holding down fill instead of triggering the fill arms the arrow keys as fill buttons for 4 different fills!


Go to amp page and set decay to infinite. Cheers :slight_smile:

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I would appreciate if the transfer tool would manage the directory on the Digitakt. I wouldn’t mind hooking it up to move files and sample en masse; it would be nice if it wasn’t so clunky on the machine as well.

I’ll add that I want a bit more process for file protection on the machine as well. Its not hard to accidentally delete a few files you meant to add to a project if you’re moving a bit too quick. I’d like the delete function to be “to the left” and off the same page as add to project function… Or have it one page further “to the right.”

If I’m missing something on how to protect a pattern/sample a bit more let me know. I know I can lock a project for safe measure but would appreciate a similar method for samples.

I would like to transpose notes in the MIDI tracks. I don’t think this is possible with 1.04, correct?

Thanks vey much.

One thing I have spotted that I would like (in addition to all the things everyone wants like project and sample backup!) is for there to be some kind of play mode where the trig keys are latched in a mode where they are used for pattern selection. IE a way to latch the PTN button down.

I quite like operating the DT and selecting patterns on the fly while operating other kit…I would like to be able to press (say) FILL then a TRIG button for a new pattern without having to press Fill, then PTN, then the TRIG button for the pattern I want. I’m usually doing this with one hand and keep being too late pressing the TRIG in time for the pattern to come in after the fill.

Oh yea and if there is a compressor, please the usual Rytm, MD sidechain HPF…

Because without that HPF…

  • track nudging !!!