The Digitakt Feature Request Thread

A better way to preview samples / sounds that aren’t loaded into your project. Func + Yes is a bit tedious when you are going up and down a list. I often press Func + Down which skips a page by mistake. Why not have a live preview feature where it plays the selected sample instantly (a toggle on/off for this would satisfy those who don’t want it).

A better way of organizing the default sounds included. Only Sounds can have tags which make it easy to filter and cycle through but because Samples are just raw wavs and they’re organized into “Kits” which the Digitakt has no way of using (unlike Model:Samples which can load a “kit” folder), it’s pretty useless. It would be much more efficient if they were grouped into types (eg, Kick, Snare, etc). When I’m looking for a Kick, I want to go to the Kick folder, not each kit.


midi cc input for randomize page

Velocity Triggered Sample Slot = (pseudo) 'Sample Layers’

I Know there’s already a sample slot lfo which can throw some awesome craziness into the mix
Though, wouldn’t it be nice to also have a sample slot ‘velocity triggered’ variation?
This way you can have 'sample layers’ in a sense? (e.g. like snare ghost notes, accents and such…)

Maybe like sample slot LFO ,…

  1. first choose the desired range of samples up to 8 max?
    (counting upwards in the sample pool from the base/main TRK sample nr)
  2. set the softest (first) sample max velocity as the starting crossover point.
  3. set the loudest accent sample min velocity as the highest/ending crossover velocity point.
    Remaining samples will be percentually divided across the leftover/inbetween velocity range?
    Or something along those lines?..

(open for suggestions on how to apply or go about setting it up) Maybe just divide the samples without setting up additional crossover points and keep it simple?

Bet the DT would make an awesome additional BRAIN to an electronic drumkit :wink:

And while still fantasizing out loud about other possibly awesome new creative DT features:
a Sample slot ‘random’ or ‘round robin’ note variation? (though this might be achieved already in a sense when using the random LFO shape to trigger ‘sample slot’??? But adding this feature (choose between: SMP LRS, RND, RBN) while keeping the LFO free to trigger pull/push on other stuff? Or something along those lines?

Get out of the chopper!!!
Maybe add a Trig ‘FILL’-like ‘chopper’ effect of sorts, setting the attack/fade-in to ‘fake’ some sidechaining/gating, volume/velocity effect? (choose shape: saw/triangle/square, sine + desired tempo/timesignature to drive the volume/gating) Also having the option to to re-trigger the note like the FILL condition, or just Trigger the sample once and keep the movement (kinda like the wave selection knob in SugarBytes Wow2 VST That would be out of this world?) Anyone in for some Dubstep Wobbling or EDM pumping effects? (a secondary Parameter Trig FX Page, similar to the NR Kickstart VST… sweet!)


Why not make an ‘empty’ template project with your desired default settings (tempo, etc + clear RAM samples 1-8) and load it every time you want to start a new project?

If I’m traveling across different banks and duplicating patterns for alterations then that’s going to present a lot of hassle. Of going back to the template and copying it to use whenever I want to create a new pattern

Maybe i don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve here? For all i know, when copying a PTN orTRK into an empty slot, it copies the BPM and instruments, parameters along with the midi in it??? But then again i might be wrong…

Have you checked out this link? Maybe you’ll find a solution here?

It’d be cool to be able to link parameters. Long press an encoder and get prompted to link it to another. Hold the second encoder and set an offset between them, or maybe add a % input option once the second parameter has been selected. Then you could have multiple parameters linked to a single encoder.

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A note Trig Preview would also be nice in step editor mode when micro-editing.
(Like with previewing samples and pressing FUNC + Yes)

For instance when holding a TRK TRIG note, applying some parameter locks/changes + pressing Yes (or some other button) to instantly hear the effect on that sample/Trig?



When editing a TRK in stepsequencer mode, FUNC + arrowkeys left/right cycle the Trigs around.
Would it be possible to use FUNC + arrowkeys up/down to transpose all trig notes on that single page/sequence up/down ?

I was also wondering if the sample ‘root note value’ can be set when sampling stuff?
For instance when i sample a ‘high’ note like C5, change the root value to C5 instead of standard C3?

(for going back and forth between e.g. a DAW project and the DT and not having to keep in mind to manually adjust the 2 oct difference every time?)


Okay, okay, just one last question before i stop stalking Elektron and spamming the forum with silly personal requests to further ‘upgrade the UX’ and OS…

Q - Does Elektron actually read, review and consider these silly requests for implementation in possible future updates ???

I bet the competition is very eager to read about the user feedback on this awesome gear?

New user here, I’d love it if the E dial for the retrig rate was a little less sensitive.


No they do not necessarily read this forum, you need to fill out a support ticket from their website

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Not systematically; this topic is just for discussion between us elektronauts.

A support ticket is not really appropriate for feature requests. The formal method is to send an email to, as stated in Elektron’s FAQ:


So we should all submit an email there requesting the ability to dim the LEDs?
If we all did it, does that mean they will implement it?


If you want.

That’s up to Elektron to decide.

Like on Digitone


randomize any single parameter across all active steps of a selected track, generating random plocks on every step in a pattern.

Example: hold FLTR page button and click cutoff encoder. Now each step has a different value for cutoff.

BPM Detection/Counter on Audio input for sampling.

LFO can be sent to the Velocity paramenter in the TRG menu?

Whereas this can be kind of faken with LFO controlling AMP volume…

Master/FX channel to plock effects and compressor and ability to apply them to audio input