The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


both these are already there.


Use the purple mutes, not the global green ones :slight_smile:


Song mode and smooth CC recording are my personal tops, hopefully supporting PB, AT and everything else. I was rather surpised to find “steppy” recording of CC parameters but realized quickly that the sequencer just took snapshots of each setting per step rather than having a linear progression of it’s movement. Hopefully that’s within the DT’s architecture to update for. :slight_smile: I love this box either way, but that and also the ability to record incoming CCs to automation smoothly would be great (ie. I move my Filter Freq Cutoff on my Monologue and it detects that movement on CC43 and maps it out in the sequencer, assuming both sides are set to send and receive)


“Unload unused samples”



And 3. Don’t forget to read the manual :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you mean like the pattern level control on the compressor page?


When changing pattern length, it’d be nice if experimenting with a shorter pattern wouldn’t erase all trigs that lie outside the new length, or perhaps there is an UNDO function for this? Can’t tell you how many grooves I’ve lost when messing around with pattern length page.

Would also be great if there was a way for pattern length per track to be the default.


Feature Request: Copying Inactive Trigs.

Hi, the recent introduction to the DT of Scale per Track brings new sequencing moves which is great. If I set a track length of 8/16, what I would now like to be able to do is copy from the inactive trigs 9-16 and paste from these inactive trigs into the active 1-8 trigs. This allows me to lodge ’hidden’ pre-prepared trig settings in the 9-16 set and then quickly copy and paste them into the active eight trigs on the fly.

Currently when I try to do this, copying the inactive trigs does not work, nothing is pasted. Can you make it so that these inactive trigs are copyable. Thanks!!


Given that Sample Slot is a modulation destination, how would the DigiTakt know which samples in that list are “used” vs “unused”?


No idea, as I have no idea how the codebase is structured. This thread is for feature requests, not feature implementation :slight_smile:

Being able to clear out unassigned samples would mean I don’t have to write down the sample slot numbers I want to keep when I’m cleaning house after sketching out ideas


Do anybody here already requested “ping-pong loop” sample play?


can’t you simply return the sequence to 16, copy the trig and then return it to 8?


I did :nerd_face:
But I don’t think it will happen unfortunately


…not really - in a performance context this would involve the interruption of the musical flow and of course multiple key presses to change the sequence length - and then more key presses to revert. It is clear that the trig data is retained for inactive trigs so it should be straight forward to make their contents available. My proposal is a workflow / flow thing & as you suggest there are always multiple ways to get things done…


“Audio” as an LFO destination - meaning that we can use the LFO as an oscillator. Then we can put noise or tone bursts at the beginning of samples using the fade envelope. This would make the Digitakt a drum synthesis beast.

Scalable routing of MIDI velocity to a destination chosen by the user.

Sample in L or R as audio track sources.

Unicorns with jet packs and throwing stars.


The lfo can travel into audio rates, so you can kind of already do this. No key tracking though. I would be in heaven if there was key tracking on the lfo. I bet they will implement it. In fact I’m gonna send them a support ticket for it now.


You can already do frequency and amplitude modulation with the audio rate LFO. What I’m suggesting is “just audio” - the LFO behaves like an oscillator.

You can get nice crunch with the FM approach, but it’s fiddly and not intuitive to control. LFO as oscillator would be pretty rad.


OK - I know this one is “out there” and I’m about 97% sure it’s impossible… but…

I wish I could pick the previous track as the source sample.

For example, if track 1 is a kick with an LFO on filter freq, in track 2 pick track 1 as the “sample” and continue to change it from there.

It would of course be live, and changes would carry from track 1 to 2 to 3 etc.

Yes, it’s insane, but I don’t think I’d leave my home studio if I had that! Wait… I don’t leave my studio now, so… well… hmmmm… :eyes:

Edit: Just to clarify, the idea is that you would get the same sound you get when you press the trig key. It’s a little different than a constant audio input. In the example above when you press the T2 key, you would get the T1 sound, but with the additional processing of track 2. The equivalent would be to re-sample track 1 playing a trig, then use that as a the sample source for track 2 (except this would be do that on request).

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You want the neighbour machine of the Octatrack (if I understand correctly :slight_smile: )


I would love to see these few things implemented:

  • 1a) “CC DIRECT CONNECT”, as seen on the octatrack, for passing through and recording midi cc and pitch bend data from external controllers.

  • 1b) “MIDI CC Learn”.

  • 2 The ability to set midi track velocity as an LFO destination.

Fingers crossed