The different MachineDrums?

Hey guys,

I have found a cheap MachineDrum SP1 on the net, is it worth it or are the upgrades absolutely necessary?
Knowing that I already have an AR II and just want an IDM complement for my set up. Should I aim for at least having an SP1+ ?

Thanks guys !

MKIs have a special PSU not easy to find, 2 bars max (not sure about UW MKI)

UW = User Wave

+Drive = Slots = Projects, so you can use more that 128 patterns and since patterns with other gear fir different projects.

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Two bars max and lack of project storage are probably the main downsides of MK1 machines, plus they are no longer serviced by Elektron and the PSUs are hard to find.

The UW capability is pretty fun, not essential and not the best as a sampler (your AR can probably do that better) but can do some pretty wild stuff with resampling, probably well suited to IDM vibes.

I’d definitely be tempted to look for an mk2, and decide on UW based on price. However if you found a really good bargain on an mk1, it would still be a great machine!


What price is it ?
If it is in good condition go for it yeah !

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There are mkii machines without a +drive. Though it is rare. Just something to verify before purchasing a mkii md.

I think all non-UW mkIIs are missing the +drive

But yes, there are a few mk II UWs without the plus drive as well. If it’s an older machine it’s more likely to lack it as it wasn’t until(I want to say 2013- but probably wrong) till they were sold with +drive by default


There was also a time when you could send in your non-plusdrive md and pay to have it installed. So, there might a few non-UW mkii with a plus drive out there.


Factory models:

MD MK1 (2001). 32 steps, thicker case, noisier jacks, MK1-only PSU. Cannot sample.

MD MK1 UW (2005) 32 steps, thicker case, noisier jacks, MK1-only PSU. CAN SAMPLE.

MD MK2 (2007) 64 steps, thinner case, less noise. Cannot sample.

MD MK2 UW (2007) 64 steps, thinner case, less noise. CAN SAMPLE.

MD MK2 UW+ (2010) 64 steps, thinner case, less noise. CAN SAMPLE and store multiple “Slots” (projects) and store multiple sample banks.


What a family <3

Be wary of the net, look what happened to poor Sandy :joy:

Joking aside, I believe that for a short while there were +drive non UW models too.


Thanks man, perfect answer :smile:

Poor Sandra, yeah that’s what I’m seeing, it’s the very first version that’s why it’s so cheap

I am bit confused about the versions of the machinedrum ?! What’s the difference between them?
I am asking because I just saw one for sell near me at fairly good price … and for some reason I am having some GAS … Does it even make sense to buy one at this day and age? Should I go for it?

A Machinedrum, to me, makes sense always…

• Machinedrum SPS-1 MKI (2001)
• Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII (2007)
• Machinedrum SPS-1UW MKII (2007)
• Machinedrum SPS-1UW+ MKII (2010)

You can find no +Drive model upgraded with a drive (like I did).

I suggest all the ways a UW model


Yes it still makes sense. Yes UW is the max you can grab. But a good price for a mki is far better than nothing :wink:

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Yeah but I mean what does the UW have over the other one?
What’s the +Drive? :slight_smile:

UW means that you’l have samples and sampling habilities.

  • Drive means far more memory (128× plus)
    Others differs by number of steps (32 vs 64)

Hmm judging from the pictures, I think this is the non UW version …

I would suggest you to search for some UW demonstrations (for how it can sound) and then decide if it’s a feature you cannot miss.
After seeing some Allerian stuff…I was completely sold :heart_eyes:

But even without UW, Machinedrum it’s an amazing box of tricks


Yeah, I always reflect back to his Swiss Mountain Music demonstration when thinking of the UW.