The different MachineDrums?


Non-UW is still fine. Though it, by default, doesn’t come with the +drive, so you’re going to have to keep that thing near constantly plugged up to your computer midi interface for backing up because you don’t have any extra projects.

And with all the synth engines in that monster(and the unfortunate shortcoming of workibg strictly with lots as far as presets are concerned) you’re going to fill up all the available patterns trying things out and exploring(I say this to the favor of the MD)

It’s a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Machine- and a non-UW is better than no UW at all.

But you will probably want a UW at some point. (Field recording percussion just sounds amazing running it through its engines and resampling really offers a whole world of possibility)


UW MKI is missing. :wink:
It has 32 steps only. Not the same PSU.
I was made before MKII (non UW).
+Drive let you have snapshots, hence more than 128 projects.
So MKII UW+ is the best!

MKII non UW has 64 steps.
UW MKI has 32 steps. :wink:


Hey! Me too! :wink:


Hey! I’m 14 and you?
I became father at 8! :crazy_face:


That sounds…awkward :smiley:


To multiply before you learn about multiplication


Thanks everyone for your replies …
I think I am just gonna try to traded it for some of the stuff I am not using


Best idea!


rarely works though :slight_smile:
They said no trades


So is it a non uw mkI?
What is the price?
You can buy it and eventually buy an UWMKII+ later…




Tabernacle! :wink:
Doesn’t seem a really good price if it’s US dollars. In France I saw some MKI at 450-550€.


that’s the Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII (2007)
It’s canadian dollars and 450€ is roughly 685 CAD :slight_smile:


I thought it seemed alright. Only 50 dollar markup from them going out of existence.

But 650 Canadian?! I’m tempt to loan @khaled the money to get it :smiley:


haha :totes:
Well truth to be told, I traded my Phenol for a eurorack case last month and most of my cash have been going towards buying modules, most of which come next week actually … that’s mostly why I am hesitating but I think I am going to hold off for now and focus on my system … maybe start selling some of the stuff collecting dust


MKII for 450 USD is much more interesting.
And it can trigger modular!


I’m trying not to be too evangelical, but this is absolutely right- and the seller is a saint for letting it go for so cheap- I like to think of myself as a decent person, but I wouldn’t let a MK2 go for that little


and can be triggered by the modular! easy way to get around sequencer limitations of MD with the right choice of companion modules. I’ve been meaning to set up a small modular to go with MDUW where it would act as master clock and sequencer, but it would receive at least 1 trigger stream derived from the modular so as to spice things up a bit

edit: and also can be trigger to MIDI converter!


Damn it! I couldn’t resist!
I really should stop buying gear hhh


Congrats. Welcome and have fun. :wink:


You are a wise man.